20th Year Huge Celebration of Bimmerfest (@bimmerfest), by W&HM

Great Celebration of The 20th Year of Bimmerfest, Here at the 2019 Bimmerfest Fontana CA Show!

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Bimmerfest is a legend.  Not just because it's _THE_ largest community BMW car show, not just because it's a BMW event that draw people from all over the world to attend, not just because it showcases all kinds of BMW cars in all different shapes and mods and classic pristine condition, it's also the people who run it and the people who contribute and people show up to support it.  It's a true gem and an envy to most other car shows.

20 years is a long time for a car show.  We've witnessed car shows that started up huge but Bimmerfest is always growing and growing.

We still remember the days back in the Rose Bowl grassy  parking lot.  It's one day event and had many people attended, which ended up creating a bit over-heavy traffic locally.  Now it's running at the vast AAA Autoclub Speedway in Fontana, with plenty of space, and plenty of time, for the now two-day event.  Our hats off to the team who run it and the people who attend!

This year's Bimmerfest carries the tradition of having tons of BMW cars participating, and the vendor rows are always filled with people, event before the public opening (due to so many BMW owners rode in their cars.)  It's a highly festive atmosphere!

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The Models at Bimmerfest

It's always a draw to attend the Bimmerfest, with so many awesome models showing up at the vendor spots.  There are familiar faces and new comers.  They always bring the chic and fun to the show.

Vendor Show Cars and User Owned Cars

The most exciting part of the show is seeing all kinds of cars in display.  At the vendor booths, there are usually easily found highly modified cars that carry many different bells and whistles.  They could be shiny, they could be loud, they could be articulated, they could be simply blinky blinky.  These exotic customizations make the master-tuned cars go to a step further and more.  They are what make most of the attendees' hearts skipping a beat...

The Battle of Bimmers

The Battle of Bimmers is always a fun and somewhat nail biting trophy awards.  There are many categories and not all of them are super serious, which makes the show even more fun and lighthearted.  It's all for a good time!

Award categories include
  • Classic BMW
  • Clean / Stock BMW
  • Modified BMW ///M
  • Modified BMW (Non-///M)
  • Modified MINI
  • Best Female (from Modified classes)
  • Farthest Attendee
  • Furthest Driven to Show
  • Highest Mileage 
  • Best of Show (from Modified classes)

Our hats off to Wendy who won three trophies at the same day with highly competitive cars there.  That is truly remarkable!!

Overall Bimmerfest is Always So Great To Attend and More Fun to Cover

We simply cannot wait for the next year already!!