A Brand New Legend Has Born! 2019 Torqued Car Show Debut Is a Great Success!

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2019 Torqued Car Show Hosting American Domestic Cars and Gorgeous Models, Proven to Be a Star Ascending

Torqued Car Show Is A Shiny New Apple Does Not Fall From a Big Tree - a Great Genealogy Lineage 

Spocom, the Southern California premier and top car show organization has put together an American domestic car centric car show, Torqued.  Stemming from a deep root of more than a decade experience of JDM import car shows and create this new car show that is bound to be another legendary top car show in the southern California region.

An American Domestic Focused Car Show

Torqued car show, at the wide open Orange County Fairground, housed many American domestic cars from different makes and models and styles and modifications.  You would totally expect a lot of GT and Chargers, Camaro and all of those amazing cars made by the American brands.  However, this is not just another American car show that display pristine car conditions.  Every car showcased at the show has a different state of modification and upgrades to their original stock.

In Torqued car show, we could see that American domestic car owners have their own culture and community mixture of modification arts and show of support to their craft. This is a great distinction than the other styles of American domestic car shows, like hot rods, and others.  We totally love this specific segment of American domestic car arts and crafts and enthusiasm.

A Star is Born and Future is Super Bright

Torqued car show is a feast and a great opportunity for the modified American domestic to showcase their love and enthusiasm of their cars.  Overall we are super excited about this new car show series and its immense potential. In our 10 years coverage there are not a whole lot of debut presence of a major car show, so this is a groundbreaking and an awesome accomplishment by the team and we definitely look forward to many more in different regions as well as in the upcoming years!

Our Cover Models: Christina Riordan and Michelle Rivas

Torqued Model Lounge

Before the show started, we did not know what to expect at the Model Lounge. On the one hand with a deep root of Spocom import tradition, we would see many of the import model showing up at the model lounge but on the other hand this is American domestic car show and generally this is a different crowd and interests toward the car show.

We were pleasantly surprised that there are a lot of new faces and saw a lot of great new models. EV Agency is a good friend of ours and they brought in many models to the Model Lounge.  It ended up becoming 50/50 of the import models as well as the EV Agency Latina models at the model launch in Torqued Model Lounge.

American Domestic Show Cars and Competition Cars

The cars at the Torqued car show are the American domestic modified. as you can assume that different cultures of car owners come in with different approaches to design and different aftermarket modifications to their beloved vehicles.  Besides the conventional engine replacements, spoiler and lip additions, we saw innovative exterior designs and graphics, as well as various cultural appropriations, including Iron Man, Patriotic Themes, Star Wars, and more...  It's a grand showcase of customization and motor styling,

The participation was immense for the first show of Torqued car show.  People came from all over the states, including east coast and all sections of California.  This is a great showcase opportunity for the die-hard fans of American domestic modified!  They finally have a grand place to display their passion of cars and community to share experiences and trade stories.

Lovely Vendor Models at Torqued Car Show

The vendor presence at the torque show is abundant and widespread. We have seen many of these familiar vendors and they brought in their products with their show cars to the show.  Many of them brought their promo models as well.  This made the show more entertaining and more information rich to the attendees.

Many of the wheel company brought their show cars that came with many intriguing modifications. Flashing led lighting system, articulated wheel designs, lightweight carbon fiber wheels, massive modifications, were just some of the exciting showcases at the show.

Miss Torqued 2019

This is the first year of the Torqued car show event.  We knew there was going to be a Miss Torqued contest.  However, the mystery shrouded before the actual contest and was unveiled in a smooth fashion.

Starting the competition, it was preluded with an exciting swag give-away activity.  While the crowd was highly energized, the contest featured 20 beautiful models in various way of beauty were presented and tested by EV Agency model CEO Elizabeth Velasquez.

Elizabeth kept the competition smooth and fun and spicy.  The models did not just walk up and walk down.  Elizabeth asked them questions, quizzed their perks, and had them perform their skills.  It's like a mini Miss American (TM) competition.  It's refreshing and it's awesome!

And the prizes for the winners are not just a mere title and a sash.  It's actually a cash prize for the top three.  The third place is $100 and second $250 and the top winner is a grand $1,000 and this is big!

When the dusts settled, and the crowd still cheering, we got the winner.  The Miss Torqued 2019 is nonetheless our current cover model Michelle Rivas!!  This is totally beyond awesome!

Torqued Car Show Ended with Great Success and Set the Launching Platform for Super Stardom

The debut Torqued car show is a wonderful car show that has been in demand for many years.  It tapped a great community of American Domestic and opened up brand new opportunities for all constituents, from vendors to car owners to the modified Am Domestic culture.

Our hats off to the great team who put it together and many proud owners to show their loves and passions, great vendors who sponsored the show, and wonderful models who participated, and most of all, the fans and families of the great modified car community who make the show a tour of force!!

We look forward to many more in the future!