Hot Hot Hot Import Nights 2019 Los Angeles Season Opener, by W&HM @HotImportNights

(Laurele Monique, Miss HIN Denver)

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Hot Import Nights Los Angeles 2019 Season Opener

This year's Hot Import Nights (HIN) Los Angeles came out of the dark streets in San Pedro and show up to the bright SoCal bright sun in the historical and highly legendary Los Angeles Coliseum site.  The sun is hot, for sure; it's 10 thousand degrees on the surface.  The spare rays showered here in Los Angeles is just above 80F in the area of the venue.

From far away, you can hear the loud beat music playing across the California Science Center right next as well as the Rose Garden after.  It's a sure sign of a car show happening here.  People were happily going around the long stretch of the show cars and vendors along the entrance and walkway.  It's pretty significant in the designation of a car show venue.  Well done guys!

Through out the show, there were continuous activities around, including Miss HIN LA competition, Turtle Wax car unveiling, as well as various photo opportunities with models and community car enthusiasts sharing their stories, expense reports, as well as what's the newest.  The 5 hours Saturday afternoon is a great past time and a great season Opener..

Our Featured Models

It's so wonderful to see our feature models, Bee Barajas and Asia Christine again, especially among all the new faces and models.  They both are looking so awesomely good!!

LA Coliseum 

The LA Coliseum is simply a tour of Art Deco force. The iconic statues and the divine vertical lines of the architecture gave the majestic backdrop to the show. It is one of the most exciting venues to cover. in a long time!

Models and More Models

There are many new faces in the HIN LA show.  Many of them we've never met before.   Not only it's a challenge to find out who they are, at the same time, they were all over the place.  The model lounge set up was outside and it's getting a bit hot, temperature-wise.  All the models were all scattered around and we were like chasing one and finding another at the other side.

It did not help that we used a new camera and they set up is a added unnecessary challenges to the model mini shoots.  But at the end, we still made some cool catches of these beauties.

Vendors and Sponsors and Cars

There were quite a lot vendors at the venue.  There were free drinks from NOS and free water from Essential.  Of course many car and motorsports companies brought their tents and goods to the show.

The unveiling of turtle wax was smartly introduced right after the miss HIN round 1 competition. The crowd joined the models who unveiled the cool cars and it was one of the highlights of the show.

Many very cool cars were at the show for all the view and talk about.  Many people coming from outside the LA area to this season opener.  It's a great place for car lovers and families to enjoy a great Saturday community get-together.

Miss HIN LA 2019 and Crowd Activities

The miss HIN comp had four past winners on the stage. They were all stunning and have great stage personality.  The Miss HIN LA competition was an easy breezy style of competition. The MC and the DJ did an good job on keep the mood upbeat and flow smooth. 

We totally congratulate the winner of Miss HIN LA 2019!!