2019 Spec-D Tuning Spring Show Off Highlights @specdtuning by W&HM

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Vendor: Spec-D Tuning
Event: 2019 Spec-D Tuning Spring Show Off SSO

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Spec-D Tuning Spring Show Off 2019

It's been raining on and off for the past few days.  Spec-D Tuning really picked a very good day that the sky is overcast, with the shy Sun occasionally peeked through and show his glory.  It's not warm yet not cold, the perfect Spring temperature.

The event is full of festive vibes.  The DJ is blasting good beats, and the Spec-D Tuning girls were smiling to all cameras, and the host is totally humorous and bringing the party mood to the venue, at the big parking lot of the Spec-D Tuning headquarter, in the city of Industry.

The event start at 11am, but before then, it was already in the car-lover-chilling mood.  Car lovers gather around and show their appreciation and love to each other, and of course, talking about how much money they invested in the parts and upgrades, as well as which car shows that they will be going in the next weeks.

Overall, it's a wonderful and very easy friendly event, under a cool Spring weather.  We always look forward to the Spec-D Tuning SSO event every year!

Spec-D Tuning Girls Are Stunning

The four Spec-D Tuning girls are totally stunning and awesome without saying.  More importantly, the three of the four girls are our cover models!  Christina Riordan, Ashley Twomey, Nicole Marie Reckers all look smashing! 

We are very happy to see Cara Mia again here too.  Bulken Offroad model Renee Days is very cool.  Our hats off to the host who really has been showing his improv comedy talents throughout shows that we have encountered.

Spec-D Tuning has really hired the top of the line talents!  Kudos!!!

Participating Show Cars From All Spectrum of Makes and Models and Years

The show cars are a show of great diversity of cars.  There are coming from different generations, and different backgrounds and all joined together for this wonderful event.  It's beautiful.

Besides the highly modified JDM and various types of cars, there are also coolly wrapped Itasha cars that we always love.  It's just super appealing to the visual senses that make these cars so adorable.

The caliber and the presence of these highly articulated modified cars are a show of support to the Spec-D Tuning brand.  You will find some of the rad design gems and modifications among these highly judged cars.

It's a car lover's great community!