Tuner Evo SoCal 2019 is a Total Awesome and Fun Filled Car Show Event, by W&HM @TunerEvo

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Tuner Evo SoCal event is the second year in running, and this time it's bigger, stronger, and more fun!  

Under the cool So-Cal sunny sky with gentle puffs of sparse clouds, Anaheim Convention Center could not look more beautiful. It's the perfect intro to the highly anticipated Tuner Evo SoCal Event.

We totally applaud the great work that the organization has done in providing media all the necessary information and support. The registration went without a hitch for us, and in minutes we were on the show floor.Seeing rows of shiny cars with all kinds of modifications and wraps, it gave us a sense of renewed excitement to be in the car show since SEMA last year. It's a great start of the year!  We tip our hats to the organizer and the great show that they created.  We are looking forward to the next year's already!

Hosting by Bear Delinger 

Bear Delinger is the official hostess of the show. The sheer star power that she possesses simply brought the show to the high glamour and highly informed event.  Bear is always so friendly and so camera ready for all. No wonder she is so popular and so sought after star model in the industry!

Model Lounge with featuring models

Tuner Evo is reknown for the cool cars, and their model presence in the import car shows.  This time, they have our cover model Brittani Paige as well as Catherine Lynn as their front models.  They have anchored the wonderful lineup of the other Tuner Evo models at the model lounge.
      Of course, we did not get all the wonderful models here, but we definitely brought you the best of the best nonetheless!

Spocom Booth and High Status Models

The famous Spocom team had multiple awesome models that we missed for the last several months.  This time, we were so happy to see them again, including Tomika Lee and Chelsea Mae!
High Status Models is never skimp on their model appearances.  This time, they brought so many that we did not even get the full list of the models in our coverage.  However it's soooo great to see our feature model Monique at the show!  They drove all the way from Las Vegas and then they had to drive back at the same night.  The dedication that we witnessed is simply high professionalism!!


Vendor Models

There were many vendor models that we totally missed for many many months or even years.  Our magical cover models Sandra Wong and Hanna Ferraez, looked so awesome just like we just met them several years ago.  They are so warm and so nice to catch up with!  They made us miss them even more after the show!
Besides the awesome cover models, we also met up some familiar faces as well as new faces.  We sure will bring them to you in the following days of our continuous coverage. Definitely stay tuned!!

Show Cars

The participating cars and vendor show cars are always delicious in the Turner Evo show.  Not only the mods that were on display were eye catching and topic discussing, the caliber of the participants is greatly respected that we had a great time surveying their cars and talking about their gears.

There will be individual coverage of the cars that we highly appreciated at the show to honor their contribution to the culture as well as their pure awesomeness in showing their crafts and dedication!  Stay tuned for more at our CARS section, cars.wheelsandheelsmag.com

Also the BMX bike and skateboard stunt demo was also a loud and attention grabbing portion of the Tuner Evo show.  It's definitely added a lot of lifestyle to the import car show which we like a lot!

Great job all!!