Highlights from CES 2019 Promotional Personalities #ces2019 #ces by W&HM

The Models at 2019 CES Event Have Brought Professional Glam Back to The Show and The Show Was a Great Success With Them

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In the past CES, we were usually dismayed by the lack of professional models at the show venue.  However, this year, they were coming back with a strong presence.  Many companies have materialized the draw and effectiveness of the attention grabbing and brand recognition.  We may not talk about lead generation but definitely the presence of these highly professional models would bring the positive vibes to the highly-paid booth space.  This is not mentioning the leverage of these models' followers on social media too.  We were so happy to see so many models at the show this year!

Our cover and featured models were abundant at site this time.  Here are some that we captured their beautiful smiles here:

Christina Riordan (above)
Ashley Twomey, Alondra Meraz, Dani Lang, 
Janessa Montenegro, Kayla Barton, Lauren Frisby

At the other booths, there were many more that are totally awesome for us to take their beautiful pictures!  We will have the opportunity to show them all to you in the future posts.  Definitely stay tuned!