Our Most Gigantic Coverage of SEMA Models 2018 Part 1 - Cover and Feature Models #wheelsandheelsmag

This year is a stellar year for promotional model presence at SEMA 2018.  It has a big bounce back from previous declines in number.  Here is the first wave coverage of models that are our cover and feature models!

W&HM / Wheels and Heels Magazine / www.wheelsandheelsmag.com / Py Pai, Photos by @pypaiphoto (to contact us, emailto:info@wheelsandheelsmag.com)

Many More Models at 2018 SEMA

2018 is a good year for promotional models for the SEMA event.  In the past we witnessed a steady decline in the presence of promotional activities.  We noticed the lack of their presence in some major companies and also in smaller upstarts.

However, we think with the stronger economy momentum, and more change-encouraged culture amok, more diverse marketing channels are being considered, and promotional models would be a one sure fire way to gain brand recognition as well as a reward to the show attendees as a chance with a take-home picture souvenir as well as change of hard metal to a softer approach.

In fact, this year, with the sheer increase of the models at the SEMA show, as well as our built-up experience and methodical organization, we achieve the best coverage of SEMA models than any of the previous years.

Still we missed quite a few models in the walk-about for four straight days, but we are happy that we have met so many awesome models and great public personalities.

Because we have so many to cover, we decided to break our highlights into three parts:
Part 1:  Our cover and feature models who were working or attending this year's SEMA show
Part 2: Stunning models who appeared at SEMA 2018
Part 3: Even more models who are equally stunning at SEMA 2018

Now without further words, here are our cover and feature models who were awesomely working at the 2018 SEMA show

Model: Christina Riordan, Jessica Diane
Vendor: Yamaha Boating
Event: 2018 SEMA


Model: Nicole Marie Reckers, Arley Elizabeth
Vendor: Achilles Radial
Event: 2018 SEMA


Model: Krystle Lina, Ashley Summer, Amanda Paris, Taya Rose and More
Vendor: 2Crave Wheels and Arroyo Tires
Event: 2018 SEMA


Model: Holly Allen and Jess Harbour
Vendor: Magna Flow
Event: 2018 SEMA


Model: Ashley Twomey
Vendor: VP Racing Lubricant
Event: 2018 SEMA


Model: Judy Mackin and Kitty Li
Vendor: MST Wheels
Event: 2018 SEMA


Model: Courtney Day and Ashley Harrell
Vendor: Falken Tire
Event: 2018 SEMA


Model: Olivia Korte, Laurie Young Romeo, Cambria Joy Mansfield and Renee Day
Vendor: spec-D Tuning and Bulken
Event: 2018 SEMA


Model: Brittani Paige, Marie Madore, Ally Joy
Vendor: Grid Off Road
Event: 2018 SEMA


Model: Ms Lin Yeh and Dakota Whitten
Vendor: Winjet Automotives
Event: 2018 SEMA


Model: Alliyah B, Kristina Lynn, Lacey Blair
Vendor: MKW
Event: 2018 SEMA


Model: George Kiriakopoulos and Jenny Duarte
Vendor: Cool Space
Event: 2018 SEMA


Model: Emily Cybak and Lauren Biran
Vendor: Delinte Tires
Event: 2018 SEMA


Model: Athena Love
Vendor: Powerbass
Event: 2018 SEMA


Model: Constance Nunes, Danii, Derly, and Lyna Ly Sparks
Vendor: (Various)
Event: 2018 SEMA


Model: Destiny Drift
Vendor: Roxor Off Road
Event: 2018 SEMA


Model: Lindsey Lockwood
Vendor: American Truxx
Event: 2018 SEMA


Model: Charmaine
Vendor: VDO
Event: 2018 SEMA


Model: Alexa and Savanna Little
Vendor: Advanti Wheels and Stop Tech
Event: 2018 SEMA


Model: Dalia and Tayla Drew
Vendor: W&HM Micro Shoot!
Event: 2018 SEMA