Big Highlights of 2018 Progressive International Motorcycle Shows Long Beach @Motorcycleshows #IMS #wheelsandheelsmag

beautiful blond model Jess Harbour in blue Lexin promo suit
Our cover model, Jess Harbour, for Lexin at 2018 Progressive International Motorcycle Shows Long Beach

The 2018 Progressive International Motorcycle Shows, IMS, Long Beach Show Carried The Great Tradition of Being Motorcycle Riders' Beloved First Person Experience Hub in Southern California

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In the Long Beach Convention Center on Friday October 16, 2019, Progressive International Motorcycle Shows started with the press day that had several exciting presentations and new introductions.  

Together with the many varying activities the show is a full on bike lovers' heaven, including simu-a-ride bike experience, Progressive massage chairs, free barbering, free temp tatoos, free braiding, and free pool table challenges, as well as many demonstrations, product knowledge specialists, and freebies to give away.

Honda 2019 Super Cub and Throttle Out Show

Honda has invited the two handsome Throttle Out Show hosts to tell their story about the wonderful Honda 2019 Super Cub that they used to do the Baja tour challenge.  It was riveting and funny.  It provided the much needed break from several long specs-iterating press presentations.
 Full Throttle with their Honda Super Cub Bike at Honda Press presentation
Full Throttle with their Honda Super Cub Bike at Honda Press presentation

Energica Electrical Sportbike, Ego

Electrical motorcycle is the new trend that many manufacturers are after these few years.  However, the Italitian builder Energica has brought their several key models to the show that gave us feel good buzzes about the electrical bikes.

They released the press information that they have partnered with Samsung on their battery technology.  This gives them a great leg up on the battery requirements for the demanding electrical bike range and performance.  Anecdotally, for a sportbike like Ego (below), it only takes about 23 minutes to do the full charge.  That's like having a quick bite to charge the stomach while charging the bike.

The news about their EGO sportbike model had us feeling excited.  Energica has made this all electrical bike with a sweet price tag of $22,565.  They also have other models e.g. Eva 107 Streetfighter for $21,565 and Eva EaseEsso9 retro Naked from $20,930.  That's a wonderful for these sexy looking bikes with such wonderful and sexy prices.
red Energica sportbike Ego in IMS
Energica all electrical sportbike, Ego

Vespa 2019 Elettrica, All Electrical Scooter

The electrical buzz is all in the air.  The urban scooter legend, Vespa, has introduced the all electrical 2019 Vespa Ellettrica.  The look and build are all familiar carrying the traditional iconic aesthetics.  The nimble and stylish scooter will sure be seen in many metropolitan around the world.

Indian Motorcycle and Indian Wrecking Crew Team

The Indian Motorcycle Company has introduced a trio of their Indian Wrecking Crew team who told moving stories about how they worked through their difficulties in their challenges and how they overcame and prevailed.

At Suzuki, The Iconoclast Kevin Cameron Retold The Great Tradition of Suzuki Katana

 Through decades of the inspirations and innovations, Suzuki Katana has established as a unique sportbike in the industry. The Motor Trend iconoclast, Kevin Cameron, has prepared a great historical information detailing the evolution and the struggles as well as the decoration and personal triumphs in the highly competitive sportbike industry.  Even though it was a bit long for us, Kevin delivered quite some ear catching nuggets of stories of personal perseverance and minimalism approach on team building and innovation.

More Awesome News and Exciting Introductions

Throughout the press day, there were many new and renewed and highly interesting news coming out from various Manufacturers. It was a big kaleidoscope of shiny bikes and technologies.

Progressive Insurance Large Presence

Progressive Insurance is the main sponsor of the International Motorcycle Show.  Their booth however is not corporate at all.  In contrast, they set up fun activities and relaxing and to-the-point services to the biker community. There were massage chairs, haircuts and trimming, temp tatools, as well as hair braiding for women and men.  In the center is the new pool table for trick shot challenge.  This is so much fun!


Show Motorcycles in Display with Chop Shop Style, Customized, or Extravaganza Styling

There were no shortage of amazing works on these custom bikes.  It could literally take the whole day just studying these bikes and talk to the owners of these marvelous wonder works.

Great Promotional Personalities

At the IMS show, the promotional activities were practically non-stop. People get to know different companies and their offerings, especially through these wonderful promotional personnel.

Russ Brown Motorcycle Insurance has a major presence at the show, and brought back many of their models as well as new faces.  While others were having fun giving out company free swags and looking pretty for photo ops.

Another Great Success and Fun Motorcycle Show by IMS

This year's IMS Long Beach show is again a wonderful motorcycle show that has brought exciting news and great fantastic display and show bikes, together with vendor participation and activities.

We totally look forward to the next year's show again!