Big Highlights of Highly Successful 2018 Off Road Expo Pomona by W&HM @OffRoadExpo #Offroadexpo

2018 Off Road Expo Geared Up to Be a Highly Successful, Fun-Filled, and Exciting Off Road Show at Pomona Fairplex, CA

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Under the fierce southern California Sun, the 2018 Off Road Expo Pomona kicked off a two day grand event in Pomona Fairplex event fairground, occupying the major outside space and three major exhibit halls.

You can immediate recognize that this is a fun filled event with exciting vibes floating in the air.  There were rows and rows of vendors showcasing their products, and pristine show vehicles.or sometimes, very dirty trucks as a badge of off road honor.  Also there were heart pumping music, BBQ smoky air, and many awesome deal signs.  It's a trademark of a good time for a weekend.

W&HM Cover and Feature Models

During the show, we met many of our cover and feature models, and we could not stop taking pictures of them!  It's so nice to catch up with them at the show and many of them we haven't seen for several months already, which is not normal to our busy schedule. This set up as a great event for us as well!

Off Road Vehicles and After Market Parts

If you are into or event remotely interested in the off road vehicles and lifestyle, this is the show for you!  There were so many different trucks, Jeeps, UTVs, ATVs, and many other suitable for that roaming out there in the wild lifestyle.

There were many vendors doing the aftermarket parts and tools.  You can find from engine mods, extra heavy duty shocks, to extra vehicle accessories, tires, wheels, as well as LED lighting poles and lights.or simply flags for decoration.

Many vendors brought their top sales engineers to the event to answer and help customers.  There were also plenty merchandise on sale that excited attendees tremendously.

Promotional Personalities

The Off Road Expo is a great family friendly lifestyle event.   There were many sweet and helpful promotional people that made the event even more festive. Not only they bring their beautiful smiles to the crowd, they also gave out freebies that are always people's love, and sometimes, even participating stunt demos.  We have very high respect to them!!

Off Road Activity Demos

There were many concurrent activities on the field as well.  Many people heard the roaring noises of those awesome UTVs, and big dirt clouds rising from the terrains to showcase their agility and versatility of their vehicle capabilities.

Sometimes, attendees also joined the demo vehicles to ride on the uneven terrain to experience the angles and tilts and dives and other seat rocking actions first hand.

We Really Appreciate There Were So Many Awesome Promo People

They were simply one of the best secret feature of the event!  Our cameras have been non-stop action shots all these awesome personalities!

Stage Performances, Freebie Giveaways, and Miss Off Road Expo Bikini Contest

Even though the stage is not a gigantic jumbotron size, it's perfect for the event and cozy enough that you could actually stand by it to have up and close personal experience.

The music was great and the bands were working hard to have their talents shown.  The freebie giveaways were always a popular participatory action to gather the crowd.  It was a frenzy for sure!

Then came the Miss Off Road Expo Bikini Contest.  There were three contestants and there were three prices.  That was perfect match!  But don't be fooled by the small size of participation, we witness the hardest working constants so far in our coverage of all.  They performed hand stand and walk, as well as cartwheeling with boots.  That's what we call talents!!!

The MC of contest Blake did a great job getting the crowd laughing and joining the excitements.  He event picked two folks in the crowd to be the judges of the contest. That was a brilliant idea of the organizer!


Overall, this is one of the most fun and great Off Road Expo events that we covered so far.  Our hats off to the show organizer and people working their, as well as the relaxing and enriching environment provided.  We cannot wait for the next year's event already!

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