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The Builders' Top Car Show, Wekfest, Continues Its 10th Anniversary Celebration at The New Los Angeles Location

Wekfest Los Angeles this year, celebrates its 10th years at the new location in the South Hall in Los Angeles Convention Center and hit a big home run of awesomeness!

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Wekfest Los Angeles 2018 

Wekfest has been running for 10 years.  The highly dedicated car builder and mod genius community have come together to celebrate this huge milestone.  This is a highly remarkable happening as Wekfest is considered to be a highly respected car event for high quality and innovative work of arts on cars and styles.

Instead of the past Long Beach Queen Marie II outdoor grassy park, this year, it's inside the grand South Hall of Los Angeles Convention Center.  This does mark a big level up in the car show industry.  The organizer has explained the decision to move to the LACC location due to past exuberant parking fees and outdoorsy hazards.

We certainly love the Los Angeles Convention Center, which is just a few blocks from our DTLA office.  And also it's a vast space and very organized and well facilitated event center, all in the backdrop of LA charms and fun.

The Highly Esteemed Cars in Wekfest LA 2018

Looking through the sea of gleaming cars in their pristine showroom condition, inside the hall space, it's like swimming through all kinds of exotic modification crafts and eye-catching art pieces.  The quality of the works on these cars are impeccable and highly selected.

In fact as explained by the organization, considering that southern California is the top car builder / mods geolocation outside Japan, this is a highly competitive selection process for them to grant access to a space on the show floor.

The end results are these amazing cars that many of them were not shown in any other car shows,displayed in front of our eyes and cameras.  The sheer amount of new cars that we haven't seen before, is staggering, and it's like a kid in a candy shop with so many varieties in cars, parts, upgrades, and modifications.  It's simply dazzling.


Promotional Models at Wekfsst LA 2018

Even though promo models are not the main draw for the car show, as it's a highly builder and moder's event, still many top models showed up to support the event through various vendors.

Here we have our cover and feature models of Jessica Weaver, Krystle Lina, and Constance Nunes at the Prestige Marketing and 2Crave Wheels.  There are many more other models at the event that can keep a photographer busy even after they took many shots of so many awesome cars.

Wekfest LA 2018 Cars

There were at least 500 cars inside the South Hall of LA Convention Center.  They are like the beauty pageant in contest for they all showed their best displays and their genius and hard work that they put in to their beloved cars.

The type of cars were vast and wide. There were many current JDM cars, as well as vintage Japanese collectible cars. Then many high performance and luxury cars showed their major presence too. Plus some monster trucks were against the wall right at the entrance.  It's like an expo of awesome cars!

Not only the engine compartments have many major overhauls, exterior paints and interior showcased the mastery crafts went into these show cars and competition entry cars.  This is really a builder's dream land that can see what other people have done and how they did it and build up strong bonds among the community members.

It's the true spirit of the Wekfest!

Wekfest LA 2018 Promo Models

There were actually very substantial number of models showed up across the show vendor spaces.  Several top models and influencers showed up especially at the Prestige Marketing and 2Crave booth.  We estimated that the combined power of these super stars probably garnered at least 10 million IG followers among them.  That's like a Kendal Jenner at the show!  Now that's super star power!!
Several vendors were kind enough to bring their models to the show and made the show much more lively and light.  Totally Meeting these awesome personalities was a great Sunday afternoon get away from a week's work and a Saturday's party.

Conclusion - Wekfest LA 2018

The 10th anniversary of Wekfest chose the perfect location of Los Angeles Convention Center has already gathered our great will to attend and cover the event.  The sheer number of these amazing cars and their hard works had proven a highly worthy show to attend. The organizer has done a tremendous job and made it such a successful and festive car event of the art.  Our hats off to them!!

We totally look forward to next year's great event again!

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