Super Gigantic and Most Complete Highlight Report of 2018 Spocom Super Show Anaheim #Spocom

Your Most Complete and Stunning Coverage Highlight of Highly Successful 2018 Spocom Super Show Anaheim

W&HM / Wheels and Heels Magazine / Photos and Text by Py Pai

The Spocom Super Show Anaheim

This year's Spocom Super Show is still in Anaheim Convention Center but at a different Hall which was Hall C. Even though Hall C is a tad smaller than the Hall D before, but boy it felt huge.

There were rows and rows of cars stuffed in every corner and all the spaces.
  • It was so tight that some people could not make it in at the last minute... 
  • It was so tight that Anaheim Fire Marshall used tape measure to car-to-car clearance to ensure there would be no fire safety violation. 
  • It was so tight that the model lounge was crowed elbow to elbow, not just the photographers, and not just the models, but models' banner stands too. 
Well, that's tight! The show was a super one and brought back all the glory of the Spocom that people came to expect and got what they wanted. All the exciting events and happenings were all over the top.

We can definitely say that this is one of the best and well run Spocom in its history! Bravo our friends at Spocom to make this year's super show so successful! All our hats off to you guys!!

These are the marvelous models that we have had the fortune to work with and appearing at the Spocom Super Show this year!

Spocom Model Lounge 

Spocom is super well known for its model lounge. It's nothing like this in any other shows.

Yes there are other shows that have model lounges or model tables, but the sheer size and the quality and the talents and set up simply outpaced all its competitors by miles.

We saw many + may + many new faces and also some really cool familiar faces too. Talents from all over the places joined the fun and meet-and-greet opportunities to showcase their great personalities as well as fan interaction. Totally awesome and grande!!

And of course, there were so many of them, at various points of time line, we definitely did not capture everybody.  Our sincere apology for missing you if you were not in here.  Next time, get our attention and pull us to a quick photo op.  We do good work, so it's all good... :-)

Vendor Rows and Car Clubs 

The vendors at the Spocom Super Show had many big name vendors. It's almost becoming a petite SEMA in a sense.

All types of car care products, after market merchandise, lifestyle decorations, as well as show car showcasing. It's simply dazzling and camera killing. The car clubs at the super show were fully equipped with their new updates and latest mods.

This year, the consensus that we got is that it's almost a new show. You don't see a whole of repeating cars or similar technologies. There were many new cars that we have not seen before and they looked smashing!

Vendor Models in Spocom 

One of the huge attractions of Spocom Car Show is that many vendors are properly invested in hiring promo models for their brand and marketing activities. These are the incredible talents that are definitely expertise in the industry.


Another Spocom Super Show secret weapon is their Dance Competition. It is the opportunity for young students to express their dance art as a group.

 Through collaboration they formed great bonds and performance art artistry. Through competition they better themselves via ingenuity and industrious work, as well as getting the recognition they worked so hard and so deserved.

Miss Spocom Anaheim Bikini Contest 

This is another Spocom Super Show well known cannon. This year's Miss Spocom Super Show was a tour de force! There were solid 30 contestants on the stage to compete the top title of the super show.

Marie Madore, the hostesss, did a great job keeping the flow of the proceeding smooth and no drag at all. We highly appreciate her efficiency and proficiency. The 30 contestants were no easy cookie. They look mesmerizing, beautiful, fit and simply stunning. Each one at the stage did their fun walk and crowd working gracefully.
"30 contestants in the Miss Spocom Super Show Anaheim Bikini Competition!"

At the end of all the fierce judging and crowd support, the finals were selected and here are the winners:

  • Miss Spocom Super Show Anaheim: #2, Jasmine Suarez, 
  • Miss Spocom Super Show 1st Runner Up: #14, Yhessa Gonzales
  • Miss Spocom Super Show 2nd Runner Up: #16, Ivana

Congratulations ladies!!

Gogo Dancing 

The four person gogo dancing team really helped set the stage of all the key leading up events. The techno beat and arm swinging and hair swinging got the crowd excited and camera clicking. Award Ceremony 

We captured pretty much the full award ceremony pictures. Auto Concept won it big this year, and many appearances at the stage. Here are all the winners and models at the ceremony that we captured.

Please contact us using the contact form or email us at regarding the photos of the ceremony.

A great Show with Great Success!

This is one of the best Spocom Super Show that we experienced!

The show was smooth, the cars were awesome, girls were stunning, vendors were fun, and dancing was artistic and bikini contest a great hit! We totally love this year's super show and simply cannot wait for next year's.

We want to thank again to all the Spocom team to make this year's a one of the best! And again our hats off to you all!!

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