Huge Highlights of 2018 Extreme Autofest San Diego by W&HM #EAF #ExtremeAutofest

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The great Extreme Autofest did another successful car show at the San Diego venue plus Hey Baby SoCal Swimsuit team and exciting bikini contest

2018 Extreme Autofest San Diego

This year's Extreme Autofest has focused on one location at the SDCCU Stadium (previously Qualcomm Stadium) and put all their forces there.  The parking lot was packed with car by car by vendors and then by more cars.  Before the show, the registration has been filled to the top and it showed at the venue too.

3pm at the SDCCU Stadium, the air was hot and roasting.  However, it was not like the huge heat wave that just stroke southern California a few days past and it has that San Diego coolness in the air now.

Many dedicated models have arrived at the show and were prep'ing for the big show time when the clock struck.  Throughout the show we were so happy to see many of our cover and feature models at the show.  Jessica Weaver (above), as well as Christina Riordan (top left), Asia Kristine (top right), and Charise Jeanine (below left), and Bethany Gragg, were all such a wonderful surprise to us to see them again!!

As the sun sets lower, the breezes came in and the festive atmosphere pushed out the burning-man-like heatwaves.  Loud music, earnest promo models, cool cars, and welcoming vendors all came alive and got the show really started.

It's a totally awesome time!  Let's take a look at the photos!

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Extreme Autofest Model Lounge

The famous Extreme Autofest Model Lounge is always a welcoming spot at the show.  This year it's obviously something different. Instead of models vying for the spot of the lounge, there are assigned seats at the lounge.  That's a definitely a very civilized way of managing the space.  Great job!

At the model lounge, we met many new models as well as models that we have been seeing for the last three weekends.  They came from all different places, and obviously were having a great time there.

We will have individual model introductions in the future coverage so definitely stay tuned!

Extreme Autofest Car Show

The bread and butter of Extreme Autofest is the sheer presence of all types of cars.  The variety of the cars there , including low riders, vintage modified, modern JDM, and highly decorated cars, is stunning, making it like DUB show like event.

The presence of the low rider cars occupied a large portion of the show venue, and they showed their various works to preserve or update or upgrade or simply change the function and looks.  There were many impressive works done there that is worth a trip by itself to witness.

There were many car clubs attending the event, especially the famous clubs like Nokturnal and Swift.  All their cars were loud in visual sensory and many were able to pump up the volume to have some serious booms across the show.

Vendor Models

There were many top models in the show and we got some of the top names here too.  And of course, we will post them as the time flows.  So definitely stay tuned!

Hey Baby Bikini Contest

The one very key part of the Extreme Autofest show is the Hey Babay Bikini contest.  The good tradition has attracted many talents from all over the map.  This year it's no exception.  The cool owner and host of the contest Rick has done an amazing job and made it both fun and exciting.
Right before the bikini contest and after, there were several great artists performing on stage.  The crowd were simply enjoying the sweet loud music under the beautiful sunset in the breezy San Diego air.
As the sun set at the right time, the big Hey Baby Bikini Contest started.  This year, besides the competition of various physical traits and styles, there were added some voluntary acts, like double team performances,  This is the first time we saw the team work in action and certain it's going beyond what a single person can heat up the crowd.

The competition had 25 models vying for the top 3 cash prizes.  At the end we've never seen such a heated debate among the judges so we knew that it was a very good contest.  Through the final audience applause and judge verdicts, we had a winner.  The top winner is Christina Brooklyn from Las Vegas.   She totally deserves this title as she was the most articulated and elegant and participatory and interactive contestant on the stage.  Christina posed as she owns the place and showed her confidence and playfulness, and her dance moves were simply mesmerizing.  Congratulations Christina!!

The After Contest Photo Op and Conclusion

After the fierce competition and dusts have settled,  Backstage were full of models and celebs and personalities that wanted to get a picture to prove what a fun night it has been.

The 2018 Extreme Autofest San Diego has all the great ingredients of a great show, comfortable weather, lots of cars and lots of models, and the bikini contest definitely made the show's high point for all to remember.

Great job the Extreme Autofest Team and the Hey Babay Team, our hats off to you all!!