Huge Highlight of 2018 Auto Enthusiastic Day at Angel Stadium Anaheim by W&HM #AED2018 #AED

The 2018 Nitto Auto Enthusiastic Day Anaheim is a Home Run at the Angel Stadium Event Venue!

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This year's Nitto Auto Enthusiastic Day #AED is spectacular!!  From the pre-event organization to the vast venue expansion, to the exciting activities around the tracks, and the grand attendance to the event, it's a home run, especially at the Angel Stadium, Anaheim, CA!

Great Pre-Event Media Organization

This year, there was something in the air that is different than any of the previous years of the popular Nitto AED event.  We with the press credential were closely informed about the event, and were elevated the "enthusiasm" about the event, even before the show started.  Thanks to the PR account executive, Abigail, she made a worldly difference for us the media folks.  We highly appreciate her efforts and attention to details!  She is a VIP on our book!

Nitto AED Day

It's a perfect sunny day on the hot side of the weather at the Angel Stadium parking lot.  The bright sun brought all positive upbeat to the slight breeze in the air.  It was perfect because nobody was bundled up, and the vendor tents were not blown away.

We were super happy to see our cover models, including Jess Harbour for Magna Flow, and Arley Elizabeth for HPS, as well as Nicole Marie Reckers for OS Giken.

And we were equally happy to see our feature cars, including Beylon's rad and red Mitsubishi Lancer EVO at WWLC Network as well as Ramiro's trophy winning BMW 5's at the Extreme Dimension.  It's like a family reunion!

Nitto AED Promo Models

There were substantial amount of models at the event.  We were really busy catching one and then spotted another one, and then went after to find the missing one, then missed the one... Then in an hour later, they reappeared in front of us out of nowhere.  It's a strange thing in this line of work, but one constant rule is to stay on and never give up!

There were some great names in the model appearances here, as well as many new faces that we or even seasoned show organizers never saw before.  That's a great mixture of all spectrum and all groups.  Hurrah to all the vendors who brought great models to the show!  We also in turn try to cover their show cars in our appreciation.  Definitely check out them out when we publish them in our section in the next few days!

Show Cars and Car Show at Nitto AED

The show cars in the vendor booths were stunning and diverse.  The stunning part contains many highly modified or updated or articulated or well wrapped cars that dazzled the eyes and our camera.  Because Nitto tires have many application in the wide range of auto genres, there were many different types of cars showed up, from American classic, to American muscle to American off-road, as well as JDM intensive, as well as European performance.  It's a greatly appreciated array of line ups.  We think this is one of the best benefits to attend Nitto AED, to learn more about other types of cars and technologies and people.  We think the country needs this kind of co-mingle and co-inspire at this time!

Drift Demo and Jumping Demo and Shotgun In-Person Experience

One of the cool thing about the Nitto AED is that it has both the famed drifting actions as well as intense off-road vehicles doing demos and first hand fan experience several times during the show.  The pure thunderous exhaust pipe noises would generate enough interest.  Combined with the engine roaring, now that's a sensory attack.  Pile on the smokes that they generated, it's a show!  All these were even if you were not glue to the fence to watch live actions.  Now seeing in person, all those cars jumping off a ramp and doing donuts and driving intentionally erratically would just make anyone heart pumping, ear-covering, eye-supergluing, and pulse dancing.  They were the perfect activities for all the show goers, young and old!


At the beginning of the show, we instagrammed, stating "Gearing to be the best show in the summer."  We were not disappointed at all!  So much fun we had and so a well spent Saturday afternoon it has been!

Great job Nitto Auto Enthusiastic Day folks!  We look forward to the next year's already!

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