Bimmerfest 2018 One Great and Totally Fun BMW-Enthusiast Event Continues at Its 19th Year @bimmerfest #bimmerfest

W&HM Feature Model Tyler Aries for Wagner Tuning at 2018 Bimmerfest, photo by Py Pai

Bimmerfest 2018 Continues Their 19th Year's Grand Tradition

At this one of the biggest BMW events, Bimmerfest hosted a stunning number of BMW cars and many vendors and activities for BMW enthusiasts and families.

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Bimmerfest 2018

The two-day event of the grand Bimmerfest falls into a beautiful Memorial Day long weekend.  The first day was an uncharacteristic chilly and windy overcast Saturday, and then the sun put the Sunday rightfully in its full glory accompanied with warming breezes.

Before you even walked into the event venue, you would witness rows and rows and rows and many rows of various stock and styled BMW cars.  The sheer amount of the brand cars is simply impressive by itself.

Once entering the event area, it's a festival by its playful nature.  There were almost 100 vendors lined up in several rows in the big parking space next to the pit areas of the Autoclub Speedway Fontana. 

Vendors were bringing their fun and warm marketing works to the show, with many booth displays and product demos, promotional models and personalities, cool and highly modified BMW cars, as well as games and DJ'ing.  That's definitely a very friendly family outing for a great weekend day.

Bimmerfest 2018 Promotional Personalities and Models

At the Bimmerfest, there were so many promotional models and folks that we simply cannot stop taking pictures of them, over and over again.  Here we met Bimmerfest hosts and official sponsor Toyo Tires model, Laura Howard.

Also appeared here happily were our models Tyler Aries (top), Arley Elizabeth, Athena, and Holly.  They were all so awesome and so at their element in the Bimmerfest.

Bimmerfest Show Cars

There were almost a hundred vendors showed up with their goods and good advice.  And of course, many of them brought their pride show cars to attract attendees to their booths and linger and engaging.

Among these show cars, some were ultram modern and ultra modified, and some are vintage and stylish.  Each vendor brought their unique showcar-ship to the event.  Attendees were not disappointed, especially when some of the cars revved up their engine.  It's almost like a call signal to see who has the dominating bragging right to the show.

To see the complete photo set, click the link right here..

Bimmerfest Car Show Models

There were so many car show models at the Bimmerfest across the two-day event.  We were diligently taking pictures of them, many of them twice over the two days.  They were so awesome or so sweet to our camera, and we totally appreciate them and their time!

There will be more individual coverage articles of these amazing models, so definitely stay tuned!

More Bimmerfest Show Cars

The cars at the vendor booths were jam packed.  There were exotic on the outside, or enhanced under the hood.  Each is simply a work of art in their own right, and one must spend time to truly appreciate the art and crafts that went in to these awesome cars.

The award ceremony to many highly worthy owners of their proud cars

One of the highlights of the Bimmerfest is the various awards to the passionate BMW owners.  The categories not only include the usual suspects like best modified non-M class cars, as well as modified M class cars; there were also the farthest driving distance car, the younger-than-20-years-old ownership, as well as longest traveling distance owner (which belongs to an Australian guy with genuine Aussie accent to prove it.)  We have captured almost everyone up on the stage and will be posting them shortly in our section. 

It's a fun ceremony combined with Laura's Toyo freebies throw-aways to the hungry crowd.  Definitely brought the event to one of its high peaks!


What can we say?  There are more coverage of models at Bimmerfest

There were simply so many models at the Bimmerfest!!

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