Same Day Highlights of 2018 Formula Drift Long Beach Season Opener Pit and Expo! @formuladrift #Formulad from W&HM

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Today at Streets of Long Beach venue, Formula Drift opened their 2018 series under a slightly breezy sunny day and started a brand new era. 

The Iconic Formula Drift Umbrella Girls

They are gorgeous, they are fun, they are friendly, they are totally awesome!  The Formula Drift umbrella girls are the top of the models across the industry.  It's always a high resume item if one shows up on the list of these prestigious umbrella girl uniforms.

Here we have our coverage and feature models include Jessica Diane, Christine Riordan for Worthouse, Nicole Marie Reckers and Arley Elizabeth, the thunder buddies for Achilles, Erica Nagashima, Jess Harbour, and Karina Velez for Nexen, and Leanna Decker and Courtney Riggs for Nitto.

To see the complete photo set, click the link right here..

Formula Drift 2018 Drifting Cars and Damages

The warming weather has brought the heat to the drifting racing to a competitive start.  There were many cars that enjoyed the bumps and scratches from hitting walls as well as during competitions.  Here are some of the samples of the majestic professional drifting racing cars as well as their badge of honor (or courage) 

More Umbrella Models and Promotional Models at Formula Drift Long Beach 2018

Here we got a chance to get an up and close shots of these amazing models.  In the coming days we will have a lot more coverage as well as models in the magazine. 

Vendor Sponsored Show Cars at Formula Drift 2018 Long Beach

The vendor sponsored cars show their force and power in a different way than the racing cars. The finely upgraded mechanism as well as creative designs of parts and looks, they show the true color of import cars and simply cool cars.

The Race Driver Autograph Session with Umbrella Girls at 2018 Formula Drift Long Beach

The autograph session is the best opportunity to get to your admired racers and interact with them to show you one's love to the drifting artists.  The line was so long that probably 2/3 of the all the attendees were in line to have the chance to meet with their cool idol drivers.  there were a lot of selfie time for sure!

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