Highlight of Spec-D Tuning Spring Show Off 4 2018 Edition #specdtuning

W&HM Cover Model Brittani Paige for Yeti Tacos x Koncrete Jungle at Spec-D Tuning Spring Show Off 2018
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W&HM Cover Models

Our cover models showed up in great number to support the great car show/meet at Spec-D Tuning Spring Show Off, including Hanna Ferraez, Nicole Marie Reckers, and Tee Zaang!

Car Show / Meet

The Spec-D Tuning Spring Show Off has become a very well attended event for many car enthusiasts.  Under the beautiful Los Angeles Spring weather (79F and sunny), the beauty of the cars and models showed up to support this great event.  Some even alleged came as far as Maine, according to the license plate...

To see the complete photo set, click the link right here..

Spec-D Tuning Girls

There were more models than we could cover!  Here are more Spec-D Tuning models, including Sydney Maler, Elizabeth Michelle, and Renee Days (our epic fail that we did not capture Alexa Cortez... at the show...)

More Cars at the show!

And more models at the show!!!

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