Don't Miss This Quick Highlight of Supercross Pit Party Anaheim 2018 Season Opener!!

Jess Harbour for Rockstar Energy Drink at Supercross Pit Party Anaheim 2018 / Py Pai

Supercross Pit Party Anaheim 2018

It's a great entrance to the year 2018 with the Supercross first thing in the year!  Here we first hand experienced the exuberance of celebration in the Supercross Pit Party.

Right next to the Angel Stadium, the vast parking lot has been divided into the parking general and then the Supercross Pit Party.  Full of sounds and sights and actions, Supercross Pit Party is famous for its racers/fans interactions, vendor showcasing their gears and bikes, and ultra glam models from all parts of the country.

The festive atmosphere can be felt all through the Supercross Pit Party venue.  You would see crew riding bikes across the crowd to go to places.  Families and friends roamed across vendor to vendors to pick up good will freebies.  Curious people that only see professional models once a year, were busy taking pictures of these amazing models, still with a bit sheepish old-boy shyness.

When at the racer autograph time, it was a show of loyalty at various pit stops.  We witnessed the longest line in front of the Kawasaki / Monster Energy tent.  The line was extended like a big city block and around the corner.  It was a sight to absorb.

Also, we saw the BMX demonstration in the middle of the venue.  The dirt hills built for the purpose are a perfect track for the dare-devils to their bigger brothers Supercross, just without the motors.  This is a complete sensory experience for all the bike racing fans!

Over all, it's always a great joy to visit the Supercross Pit Party and it's rewarding to see the fun stuffs and beautiful models and a chance to have a selfie with the legendary or upcoming racers.

Monster Energy Drink Girls - Ashley Wilke, Kyliee MarieWalton, and Elise Natalie Duncan
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Rockstar Energy Models, Jess Harbour, Holly Allen, Courtney Riggs, Alyssa Depue

Thor Girls Jace Marlee and Michelle Van Rooyen

51 Fifty Energy Drink Models, Marisa Kristine, friend, and Aissa Widle

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Attitude RV Models and Weinerschnitzel Mascot 

Dunlop Tire Model Courtney Day - I love traveling and it's like a family here!

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