Big Highlights of Gigantic CES 2018 #CES2018

At Up in the Lab booth, Krystal, our cover model Olivia Korte, and Feature model Cassie Karis / W&HM Staff
At Nikon Booth, the photography legend Joe McNally and our celebrity feature model, Angie Sanchez
The 2018 CES event is hailed as another milestone achieved, just like the current state of the stock market.  The exuberance and optimism is commonly shared among these Silicon Valley, or Silicon Beach, or Silicon countries.

This year, the buzz words seem to include AR (Augmented Reality), 5G Connectivity especially for cars, robots and drones. These are coming of the age that the technologies and materialization seem to be at the right time this year.  We saw a lot of applications of these technologies regardless practical or not.  The market will determine it eventually.  AI (Artificial Intelligence) did not make it this year on our list, because it seems to be an ominous movement in practice that we see a gradual change rather than a flood gate situation.
Intel always comes up with something futuristic!
This year's CES is a huge venture as always.  According to the official news, the running of CES has been more than 50 years. Over the 50-year span, we have witnessed a lot of changes.  There were many gigantic scale of trade shows, and they came and went.  CES remains as the leader of the technologies expositions and events.  The venues have grown into many different areas, from the earlier three hall set up.  the extra wings, and remote locations, as well as unofficial vendor hotel room set ups, were all the indicators that this show is getting bigger and bigger!

Our Cover and Feature Models in CES

During the CES show, we found some of our awesome cover and feature models, even though we missed some too.  Simply put, there just too many of the foot space that needs to be covered that it's almost impossible to cover every inch of them, at the right time and at the right place.

Here we have cover model Olivia Korte and Cassie Karis for Up in the Lab, as well as Zari Chacon for Polaroid.

Exotic, Loud and Far-Ahead-in-the-Future Automobile Technologies

We focused on the car scene here inside the CES event.  Even though it's not SEMA, it's still an impressive showing that includes some exotic cars from the Monster Cables, as well as loud speakers from Cerin Vega and Orion Car Audio.  The car manufacturers did not let it go easily.  Toyota put out impressive futuristic concept cars, as well as Nissan, Hyundai, and Mercedes Benz plus others to show case their latest tech, mostly include the driver ease of use, as well as 5G connectivity, and autonomous driving technology.

Besides the 4 wheel transportation, the two-wheel cousins were also a major presence at the CES show.  The electric sccoters or bikes, or even wheel-less stationary bike desk would be something to check out as well.

The Lovely Models that We Met at CES and Had a Chance to Know More of Them

CES is not known for too many models, compared to the olden days.  However, there were still substantial amount that we could find.  Out of these lovely ladies, some of them were really friendly and could recoginize the quality of our works and engage in a meaningful conversation, or even leading to company / product learning opportunities.  That's the best promotional models in any shows that engage with media and provide knowledge to the press people to learn and to broadcast.

We've met these awesome ladies, include Rachel and Laura from Cerwin Vega and Diamond Audio.  Also Carly from Pioneer, Elise Natalie from Merkury, were all totally awesome!  We were also impressed by Jean Copus from Weeview who gave a really great demo and posing and promotion.

The Sense and Sensibility of Visual, Audio and Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality Technologies

CES is about consumer and it cannot be without the sensory attacks.  In this year's CES, we give our best show case award to LG Electronics for their curve wall TV alley that showed the great nature scenes while you walked through their 2 story high TV to TV curved walls and totally immersed in their sheer visual forces.  We would say bravo, bravo if we could find a person to thank to!

There were many hands on experience in CES, that includes the instant pictures from  Polaroid, Sony, Weeview, and many others.  Gibson always spends big by having their own tent space outside the convention halls, and provide a place for artists and artists to be to have a personal feelings about their equipment and performances.

Virtual reality and Augmented Reality were big time ticket in this year's CES.  Many companies vying this space as the next drone and 3D printing like internet-years ago.  Things are coming down in price and technology is smarting up so it's a great news for consumers to ease into the future gadgets.

Celebrities Are Main Staple of CES Vendor Marketing

Celebrities are a big draw in the CES show.  Usually you would see a crowd or a line, except the free give-aways, were due to the celebrity sighting.  We saw the great athletes including NBA and NFL players as well as Iggy Azalea, and many more that we did not get a chance to cover.  You know, you cannot be in two places at the same time, let alone multiple places...

These Robot Are Taking Care of Us, and Perhaps Taking Away The Need of Us

There were many many robots in the CES.  Some are older models that were brought back again this year, and many were the newest and brightest at the show.  There is a trend in the personal care robotics that many companies race to the market.  We know that more and more people would need care especially when the population aging is a phenomenon now.  However, many of them were also gearing toward the kid generation that dads and moms can find these substitutes to take care of their children.  We say it's great as robots can do a lot more things, but at the same time, robots can do a lot more things...

More Awesome CES Models

What cna we say, there were just a whole lot of models in CES, and we believe we only covered a small fraction of them...

Very Personal and Personable Accessories at CES

Cell phones never die and cell phone cases keep evolving too. From the dated approach of simply a cover to the highly feminized fashion statement as well as new technology that the case were built like a mini castle.  The possibilities are still endless.

There Were so Many Models and We Must Have Missed Half of Them Still!

We can only hope next year, we will walk the extra miles, literally, from this year's record average 10 miles a day to bring more models back to you all!  Definitely stay tuned for the detailed coverage of the show in the next few weeks!

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