A Quick Highlight of 20 Promotional Models at LA Auto Show 2017

Saleen Models at LA Auto Show 2017

Meet the 18 cool models at the LA Auto Show 2017, especially at the Kentia Hall!

www.wheelsandheelsmag.com / W&HM Staff

Al & Ed's Autosound Models

Al & Ed's Autosound always have the biggest presence at the LA Auto Show.  here are their 8 models that we captured in our camera!

Lilly Evans, Brittany Brickner, Bee Barajas

Byanka Lee, Leila Becerra

Monster Energy Model, Janey B

K1-Speed Model, Jennifer Angel Ancheta

Forgiato Model

2 Guest Models at Girls Pit Stop Booth

Alfa Romeo Model

Hyundai Models, Paige Spags (right)

Houston Motorsports 

Dub Model

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