W&HM Top 10 SEMA Models 2017 Selected by W&HM Chief Editor

Gyeon models Yoon and Yun at SEMA 2017
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The Top 10 Models/Team at 2017 SEMA Show Selected by W&HM Chief Editor Py Pai

This year, I have met so many awesome SEMA models throughout the show.  I think it's a good idea to highlight some of the top models that I encountered and given them a shoutout!

Here are the top 10 models that I recognized and highly respected throughout the show.  Not only they performed their duties, they went above and beyond to make connections, generating leads, or creating extra fabulous brand impressions!

How did I come up with these high commendations?


I know the super majority of SEMA models are cream of the crops in the industry with great talents and wonderful modeling skills.  These top models create that ever lasting images that you would immediately think of the brand and conjure a positive feeling long time down the road.  It's fiercely high standard here at SEMA show.

However, going a step beyond is the ability of buzz generation. Some of the models that we met can whip out excitements and headline worthy materials effortlessly.  Some created eye-popping imagery that can be on the cover of People magazine.  We definitely want to salute to these amazing super talents!


It's not easy to be a promotional model.  One needs to be able to smile long hours at any given moment, mostly standing on-back breaking high heels on a thinly carpeted concrete floor, and engaging the public so that people would feel welcome and interested in the brand.  Plus most of them need to endure the selfie moments with all attendees' physical proximity or even contact.  All these are not for the faint of heart, especially during the huge 4 busy days of SEMA show.

The professionals know how to smile, pose, and interact with the crowd, not looking standoff-ish.  Generating the alluring attraction at clients' booth and leave great impression on people's mind and beautiful pictures in their phones and cameras.

Additionally I always appreciate models with their contact information ready, including their published name, email / IG (optional).  This way, I don't feel like I am taking away their time while other people are waiting.

Press Relationship

The capacity of being familiar with press personnel and create positive contents worthy photos is an added bonus that most vendors usually don't realize.  Even though Instagram count is an important yard stick, the press exposure is an amplifier that is always strong and efficient.  Hiring a great model with good press relationship is like your brand marketing dollars going on an overdrive in multiple channels.

Here are my top 10 picks of the SEMA 2017 models!  You made a huge impression on me that totally deserve a big highlight!!

Gyeon Ladies - Yoon and Yun

Yoon and Yun virtually brought KPOP to this year's SEMA show.  Their high energy style blends commercial + catwalk + Korean MTV into one, while showcasing Gyeon products.  After 5 minutes of photo shoot, we walked away speechless and totally impressed.  I wish that I had a video cam with me to capture all of it...  I can say they made the biggest impression on me for sure!

Kia Motor Models - Dani, Thais and Julie

We wandered into the Gold Lot of the SEMA show, did not expect too much happening.  Then boom!  We met the hot Stinger red color car and models right in front of us.  The warm and welcoming duo models Thais and Julie gave me a great photo shoot opportunity with their new Kia Stinger red color car and matching Stinger red color lip sticks and ankle boots.  What can I say, it's a visual by design, not by clashing.  Our hat's off to you all!  Dani joined the team a bit later, and we totally snapped some of the best photos at the SEMA show!

Spyder Girls 

Spyder marketing team always has a great time at the SEMA show.  From the front door freebie bag give away that pretty much 50% of attendees are carrying their brand bags.  Then here came the Spyder Girls.  All the models there are top notch fashion/commercial/swimsuit models that their combined IG fan base would be astronomical!  We are wow'd!

Spec-D Tuning Model Team - Cambria Joy Mansfield, Nicole Marie Reckers, Alexia Cortez, and Laurie Young Romeo

Spec-D Tuning girls are familiar to the import car show world, which is very fitting.  Their legendary careers in the car show models industry are famous and highly sought after  This time, we got to take photos of them individually with Nicole Marie Reckers and Alexia Cortez were simply the icing of the cake for the SEMA coverage!  Thank you ladies!

Gloss It Model - Olivia Korte

Olivia Korte was kind enough to let us know that she will be working at the Gloss It booth. When we got there, even at the very last hour of the SEMA show Tuesdyay, she was still full force like she just walked in.  And she could tell stories about her first work in SEMA with Gloss It. It has all the great ingredients in it that I still can remember many days after..  We are always  a fan to Olivia!

Honeywell / Garrett Brand Ambassador/Spokesperson - Bear Dellinger

Don't call Bear Dellinger a model.  She is a model, but much more than a model.  She is an avid race car lover.  She can recite all the details and key highlights of the show cars at the booth.  Her knowledge and video presentation is always a great highlight of our coverage.  This level of knowledgeable and brilliant modeling is simply not easily found.  Bravo!!

Zenas Wheels Model Lisa Lee Marie

If you ever met Lisa Lee Marie and stopped to talk to her, you are in for a treat. The sweet and sincere, and highly entertaining model is a poster child of promotional model herself.  Guilty as I was spending a ton of time catching up with her, at the very last minutes of SEMA day 1 (little traffic), Lisa was so animated and high spirited that I was thoroughly touched.  Plus she employed our photo for her poster, and I appreciate it extremely!  Thank you Lisa!!

Weather Tech Model Squad

We actually spotted the Weather Tech model squad on the way to South Hall. The super eye-catching team would make a presence no matter where they are.  They are the fashion model with a super fun team personality.  They are fearless, carefree, and super photo-friendly, the perfect combination of viral photo generator!  Great job girls!

305 Forged Wheels Angels - Iliana, Cristal and Friend 

The trio models of 305 Forged Wheels, were so warm and happy that I felt like I was in a family gathering.  Their sweet smiles and happy mood totally brightened up an exhausted mind and eyes of mine.  I think you guys for the great photos and ease of catching up at your busy booth!  Awesome!

KDX Girls - Kelsey Jay, Biranna Hile and Gabrielle Hile

At the outside of North Hall, there was a drift / demo track lot that was surrounded by various vendors.  Tugged in the back was the KDX booth with three very homey and sweet models that were so wonderful to work with.  Not only they were very amicable and sociable, they were great to work with in the micro photo shoot that we had.  At the end, they also provided contact info to make my job a lot easier.  Thank you thank you and thank you!!!