W&HM's Most Gigantic Coverage of 2017 SEMA Models in Our History! #SEMA #SEMA2017

Dani Lang for Kia Motor
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This is the biggest, baddest, and largest SEMA model coverage ever in our magazine's history.  Over the span of several days in SEMA, drinking minimal amount of water, eating minimal amount of food ration, and walking tirelessly across the gigantic halls (and they have been expanding over the years too), we have done our best to bring you the awesome SEMA models to you and we are very happy to do so!

This year it seems to be a great year for the show.  The show venue has grown larger than before.  More people were attending the show, and the happy economy mood seemed to propel more hiring of models in the show.  In fact, there were so many that we hardly covered half of them in the first day, and throughout the long show, we are sure that we did not cover everyone that we hoped for at the end of the show.  It's just so big.

Even though this is our biggest coverage of SEMA models, by no mean that this is a complete list, as we know we missed other very cool models for sure.  However, there is always next year that we can do even better!  For now, enjoy this gigantic historical coverage of SEMA models by W&HM!

W&HM Feature Models

Here are find our featured models that were all across the show halls.  From the first from the left:

Olivia Korte for Gloss it, Arley Elizabeth for HPS Performance, Ashley Twomey for Magna Flow

Nicole Marie Reckers for Spec-D Tuning, Brittani Paige for Grid Wheels, and Jess Harbour for Nexen

Lisa Lee Marie for Zenas Wheels, Gabrielle Romanello for American Truxx, Lea Anne for Power Media TV

Kristy Lei Juan for Rohana Wheels

Hanna Ferraez for Wheel 1, Kelsey Quayle for Ferrada Wheels, Veronika Skylee for Raptor

Bee Barajas for Amani Forged, Mary Company for Red Kap, Ciara Mcateer for Nitto Tire

Kaylie Finch for 2Crave, Tee Zaang for JDM Sport and Honorary Vivien Nguyen for Asanti Wheels

Vendor Models 

Spyder Girls - Alicia Watson, Courtney Riggs, and Kyra Keli, Melissa LaBak, and Sydney Maler 

Spec-D Tuning Girls - Cambria Joy Mansfield, Nicole Marie Reckers, Alexa Cortez, and Laurie Young Romeo 

2Crave Models

Winjet Girls - Sam Ferraez and Victoria B

Nexen Tire Umbrella Girls - Erica Nagashima, Jessica Harbour, and Karina Velez

Kia Motor Models - Thais Vieira and Julie Piraino / Keen Design Model Rebecca Abbitt / Kia Motor Model Dani Lang

Lexani Wheels - Amanda Vex and Vanessa

Asanti Wheels - Vivien Nguyen and Giustina Lee

305 Forged Wheels - Iliana Duarte, (model), Cristal Aguirre 

JDM Sport Vixens

Rohana Wheels - Kristy Lei Juan and Liz Kara

HPS Performance Products - Arley Elizabeth and Zari Chacon

Monster Energy Girls - Janey B and friend and Morgan Hollie

Gloss It - Olivia Korte, Bri, (model)

Honey / Garrett - Bear Delinger

Zenas Wheels - Lisa Lee Marie

American Racing - Kate Durocha and Sierra Nowak, 

MKW Wheels - Jenny Duarte, Carley and model

Cover King Models - Elise Natalie Duncan (blonde) and models

American Force Wheels - Brooke Curtis and Lauren Tustin 

KDX  - Kelsey Jay, Brianna Hile, Gabrielle Hile

Ride Fox - Brtitany Voth, Allyson Amber, Mandy Faye 

Weather Tech Girls and Diesel Brothers

Amani Forged Wheels - Bee Barajas

ENEOS - Diamond Huynh and Sammi

Pirelli Tire - Brooke Boerman and Friend

Konig Wheels - Savanna Little and Friend

Trax Model Cars - Models

3SDM Wheels - Ashlie Noelle, Ashlyn Mariah

Many More Models at SEMA to Group Them...

- VP Racing Fuels Model Rae Wawrzyniak / Extreme Dimensions Model Dalia / Gyeon Ceramic Models Yoon Mizili and Yun A

- Klutch and Concept One Wheels Models / Lesta for Barrett - Jackson Auction / Mayra Tinajero for lrg Rims

Miss Magna Flow Anna Valencia and Celebrity Aaron Kaufman and Miss Magna Flow Ashley Twomey / (models)

Verde Wheels Model Kylie Rich / Fusion Bumpers models Lauren Tustin and Marie

Havok Off Road Models Michelle Yee and Noelle Lyn / True Spike Celebrity Big Abe

Model Kaitlynn Anderson / Tire Stickers Model Hailee Argondizzo / J W Speaker Model Abbie Riffe

J W Speaker Models / Flex Seal Models

lrg Rims Model Taylor Nemeth / American Truxx Model Kat Harter / Tiarra Luxury Grilles Model Susana Q

Full Throttle Models / Autopreme Model Macy Chanel / VPR 4x4 Model

Velocity Wheels Models / True Spike Model / Achilles Model Paris Anderson

Tri-Ace Models (model), Bailey Chapman / Jin Wheels Model

Jin Wheels Model / Ratta Wheels Model / (model) / Fittipaldi Wheels Models Meg Felix and Madison Miranda

Hostile Wheels Model / Gear Wheels Model / Motiv Wheels Model

Fondmetal Wheels Model / Center Wheels Model Melissa Cronch / DUB Models Lex Virella and Alice Isabella

Corleone Forged Models Dezirae Freeman and Tahlia Paris / Continental Tire Model Danni Henricksen and Amanda Withee

Forgiato Models / Sata Model / (models)

Vogtland Model / (model) / Motul Model Bridget P

Abhirashi Impex India Models Candice Ma and Martin Shannen / (models) / Dropstars and TIS Wheels models

Klutch Model Tiffany M and (model) / Miss Proform Amber Hay

urn14 Model Amber Deegan / Nitto Tire Models / Zenas Wheels Model Lisa Lee Marie holding poster with photo done by Py Pai

Laufenn Model