More More Models at 2017 #FormulaDrift Irwindale / W&HM Staff - To contact, email

Kaylee Alana

Here we have the final conclusion of Formula Drift model coverage the lead of the article is Kaylee Alana.  Kaylee is a legendary model. She has been in the industry and she is very well networked as she is friendly, beautiful, and very sociable. And her go-go dancing skill is legendary. Many of our coverage articles of her Go-Go dancing have amazing picture of her dancing in action.

Rozy Del Castillo

Also the JDM Sport model, Rozy Del Castillo, was here sending good vibes to the booth and the attendees.  She is always so great to meet and take pictures of!  Even during this hot weather, she was totally awesome to shoot with!

Christy Blocker

And this is the first time Christy Blocker at Gumout booth working in a car show, here in Irwindale Speedway. She is actually a very knowledgeable car hands-on person. However we got her to do some modeling and she is so cool with it. We would sure like to see her again in future events!