Four Graces of Hankook Girls at 2017 Formula Drift Irwindale #Hankookgirls

A new model at the legendary Hankook umbrella girls line up and brightened the 2017 Formula Drift Irwindale / W&HM Staff - To contact, email
This year we got a few glimpses of the Hankook umbrella girls and snapped a quick shoot session with them.  The newly added member forms the complete line up of Karol Priscilla, Cambria Joy Mansfield, Alexia Cortez, and Nicky Park. 

They seemed to be required to be confined to their seating, so we did not get a chance to do a full coverage of them at the show.  At least we got the four graces looking at our camera for a good sitting shot.  That’s cool enough for us!

Even though Hankook has not been in South Hall at the SEMA show for several years, we still like to see them somewhere prominent with their umbrella girls in the SEMA venue so we can bring the coverage back to you all!