Extra Extra! 2017 SEMA Show Day 1 Coverage!! #SEMA2017 #SEMA

2017 SEMA Show is a Mega Success With Innovative Technologies, Strong Showing of Aftermarket Commerce, and Plethora of Promotional Activities!

www.wheelsandheelsmag.com / Py Pai

2017 SEMA Overview 

2017 SEMA show is an eye-opening experience super show. Under the cool Las Vegas slightly chili weather (the California standard) it was a perfect temperature and condition to open this gigantic show here at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

This year's SEMA show is stronger and better and more crowded as we venture to guess. The route from the entrance to the end of the North Hall is a pure car enthusiast's wonderland.  The non-stop eye-catching and sensory attacks around are just the tips of the iceberg. When you go to each vendor and learn more about their products and tap their expertise you will find the vast amount of knowledge and information that you can never get from any other where. This is why SEMA is so successful and the central influencing event for the humongous car-related industries.

The show cars from lots of vendors are not only spotless and show floor ready they are articulated and upgraded and fitted with each company's best products. They are simply a feast to business buyers and car lovers seeing the cool innovations and great opportunities.

And of course the promotional models descending to the SEMA show are the cream of the crop in the entire industry.  You can easily find top models across all the halls and outside expo areas.  This is _the_ show that many model would totally want to do.

Accompanying the static format of the show inside and outside vendor booths, there were many activities going on including drifting demos, and car work team challenges and others.  They make the show both informative and fun.

We are so dedicated to this year's show that we are going to spend a lot of time on the floor and talk to people to bring you back almost first person experience of the SEMA show.  Definitely stay tuned for more coverage coming in the next few days and weeks.

Also let us know what you think and what you you would like us to cover from the SEMA super show.

Promotional Models at SEMA 2017

Since we touched on the subject of promotional models, this year's SEMA seems to have more promotional models than last year or the year before.

There are so many models that that we did not event find the time to have a quick lunch during the day's coverage.  Even with this non-stop coverage footwork, we still have not covered the majority of the models at the show.  That even includes many of our featuring models we totally missed.

We will do our best to find all of them and capture their awesome images for you.  Definitely stay tuned!

At the top of this article it's our feature model Lisa Lee Marie who is holding a Zenas poster. The picture inside the awesome poster is done by our amazing photographer Py Pai. Here Lisa Lee looks totally amazing both on poster and in person. That's super awesome!

We are so happy to see our models including Olivia Korte whom we have not seen for a long time! She is working at the Gloss It.  This is the company that she worked for for the first time at SEMA. There was an interesting story that you have to ask her when you see her!.

We also met up the gorgeous Jess Harbour at the Nexen Tire booth.  Jess was together with Erica Nagashima and Karina. They all look totally stunning!  At the Sepc-D Booth we saw our cover model Nicole Marie Reckers together with Alexia Cortez and Cambria Joy Mansfield and their friend.

A very cool thing that happened is that Nicole just got her Wheels and Heels Magazine print issue number 42 with her on the cover. She held it  in her hand to get together with her Wheels and Heels Magazine 2018 calendar. This is totally awesome!  Definitely check out her Instagram story that she showed both of them there!

Talking about haven't seen for a long time here we met Kristy Lei Juan. The awesome model just came back to Las Vegas in time to settle and join the SEMA show here at Rohana Wheels. As always she is looking awesome!

And we also met up Kaylie Finch for 2Crave Wheels and she's looking awesome as always. And Lea Anne P was doing a TV interview for Power Automedia early in the day working hard and looking good!

Tee at the JDM Sport is an awesome welcome back to the modeling scene. We will definitely see a lot more of her in the future. Bee was working hard with her Halloween costume which is a pair of cute rabbit ears. Mary Company is our new future feature model and she is looking super cool under the 3pm sun inside the Red Kap booth.

Cars and Products in 2017 SEMA

And this year's SEMA, like its tradition, show cars were abundant, especially the case in the South Hall.  There there are many stunning cars and we are only talking about the cars in the vendor booth inside the convention center.

We have not even touched, figuratively, the cars lined up row by row by row outside the convention center. Those are the cars that got the top honor to be presented at the SEMA show. Definitely in the next few days we will bring them over to you as well as more show cars to see the best of the best in the industry.

More Models at 2017 SEMA Day 1

As we mentioned earlier there are so many promotional models that we did not even have the time to detail all their names and information here. We want to bring you the first hand picture coverage of these amazing models!

Surely in the following days and weeks we will have more detailed articles of them and you will be very delighted to see each coverage article.

More Cars and Wheels at 2017 SEMA Coverage Day1

The cars in the SEMA show are simply out of this world. You can see a lot of the latest and greatest or even future innovations being fitted to these cars.

This year SEMA show and many companies are continuing the off-road trend. We have seen a lot of off road cars and trucks and vehicles and they are  very uniquely articulated. Either they are wrapped with eye arresting graphics or they are equipped with accessories that can handle almost any situations that may come on the road or off the road.

Also the wheels invention and expansion show the free market force at the 2017 SEMA show. There are new vendors entering the market as well as the existing vendors venturing into different segments of the manufacturing that are non wheels related or existing companies that want to expand their reach beyond their current territory and new grants are created.

Over all, this is such an exciting show that we can't wait for the next day's!