Highlights of 2017 Formula Drift Irwindale Title Fight @formuladrift #formuladrift

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James Deane Took Home the Big Champion Title of 2017 Formula Drift Season!  Here are the highlights of the great off track show and the final FD event at the Irwindale Speedway venue

2017 Formula Drift Irwindale

It's a sunny and warm Fall weather at the Irwindale Speedway in southern California.  It's the perfect backdrop of a historical event here at this racing venue.  Formula Drift 2017's final Title Fight racing has this venue for the last many many years.  

However, due to the new development plan and anticipated demolition of this legendary racing track, this FD tradition is probably the last showing here.  We feel sad because we have been here almost 10 years and got some of the best coverage of actions and personalities.  At the same time, we look forward to a grander venue that may catapult Formula Drift into the national pastime favorite.

Lifestyle Expo Umbrella Girls and Vendor Models

At the off track lifestyle expo right next to the racing track, we were happy to see many of our cover models and feature models at the show.  At the top, we have Christina Riordan and Jessica Diane for the Worthouse.

Achilles Umbrella Girls Nicole Marie Reckers and Arley Elizabeth

Here are our duo cover models, Nicole Marie Reckers and Arley Exliabeth for Achilles!  They were the first pair of umbrella girls to show up at the event.  That spells super professionalism to the core. It's always a great experience either working with them or doing coverage of them at shows!

Nexen Tire Umbrella Girls Erica Nagashima and Jess Harbour 

Under the bright tent, here come the beautiful Nexen Tire umbrella Girls Erica Nagashima and our stunning cover model Jessica Harbour.  Jessica just came back from a big trip to Asia like a day or two ago.  She still maintained her super model appearance that left the attendees breathless and vying for the opportunity to have a selfie with.

Falken Tire Umbrella Girls Kelsey Quayle and Heidi Fahrenbach

Falken Tire's sweet umbrella girls Kelsey Quayle who is our recent feature model in our most recent print issue #42.  She's with lovely Heidi Fahrenbach at the Falken Tire booth signing posters away.  Falken Tire's driver Dai Yoshihara came in strong and took the second place at the 2017 FD Round 8!

Worthouse Umbrella Girls  

Our super gorgeous cover model Christina Riordan (on the far right) and our feature model Jessica Diane (next to Christina) together with their fellow umbrella girls, have been working very long hours to the end of the event, but they had very good reason to celebrate! 

Worthouse driver, James Deane from Ireland, has landed the top title of the 2017 Formula Drift season!  And here are the key standings at the final count and presentation (source: news.formulad.com)

Round 8: O’Reilly Auto Parts “Title Fight”

1. Wiecek, Piotr
Worthouse Drift Team / Falken Tire Nissan S15

2. Yoshihara, Dai
Falken Tire / Turn 14 Distribution Subaru BRZ
2nd Place

3. Deane, James
Worthouse Drift Team / Falken Tire Nissan S15
3rd Place

2017 Formula DRIFT Black Magic Championship Presented by BlackVue Final Standings

1. Deane, James
Worthouse Drift Team / Falken Tire Nissan 240
651.00 Points

2. Aasbo, Fredric
Rockstar Energy / Nexen Tire Toyota Corolla iM
538.00 Points

3. Bakchis, Aurimas “Odi”
Falken Tires / Drifz Wheels / ARK Performance Nissan 240SX
418.00 Points

2017 Manufacturer Championship Final Standings

1. Toyota
923.00 Points

2. Ford
751.00 Points

3. BMW
367.00 Points

Formula Drift Racing Cars

One of the highest points at Formula Drift Pit Area is to watch how the racing teams tune their racing cars, and take pictures and discuss how the car modifications would work for each driver's style.  If you get in close and inspect the various nooks and craniums you would be intrigued many parts and mods that are bigger, louder, and simply built for performance.  It's awe-striking for sure!

Formula Drift Umbrella Girls and Vendor Promotional Models

It's one of the attractions of Formula Drift is to meet the umbrella girls from various sponsoring tire companies.  These are the top models in the industry.  Besides the ones that we have covered at the top, here are more from Falken, Nitto, and Hankook.

Together with the umbrella Girls are the promotional models and great personalities.  This year, it seems to be less in number.  Partly we believe that there are competing events out their or even competing weddings too.  Also it could signal a sign of the modeling direction that the whole industry is transforming to.  Nonetheless, we got some of the cool coverage always!

Vendor Show Cars

Vendors brought their coolest cars to the drifting and mod car enthusiasts.  Some of them boast their exterior decoration and some of them are proud to show their modifications.Their were never a dull moment when you cruise down the vendor lanes.  The Air Force even brought in an F-16 to the show just like last year!

Autocon at Formula Drift

With the limited space at the Irwindale Speedway parking lot, after the vendor rows, Autocon brought in some of the very awesome cars and showcased the booming import car culture at Formula Drift.  The various upgrades and modifications as well as Itasha works on the outside, and muscles and pipes under the hood, all show the passion and efforts and money invested in these amazing cars!


Formula Drift is a big organization and internationally recognized motorsports that is gaining more and more participation across countries.  With more talents joining and more contributions to the sports and skills, we see a booming future in sight. 

Although nobody knows where the next year's Title Fight will land, there are some speculations floating around.  We shall find out soon after the year and we highly anticipate the announcement!