October 6, 2017

Gorgeous Duo Models Dani Lang and Ally Mello for Yokohama Tire at 2017 Off Road Expo Pomona

Simply Stunning!  The incredible Dani Lang and Ally Mello for Yokohama Tires at the 2017 Off Road Expo Pomona

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It's so fun to do the coverage of Dani Lang and Ally Mello. We have worked with Dani before, and she is totally amazing!

(NOTE: if you are a photographer, modeling management, event organizer, or anybody wants to hire a promotional model, Dani Lang is totally awesomely professional and networked, by our experience!)

The two days had two different uniforms and we got to enjoy the beautiful sights two different styles.  We highly appreciate the great show booth put  up by Yokohama and wonderful jobs done by Dani and Ally!!
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