Complete Coverage of Miss Off Road Expo 2017 (Part 1)

The Competition for Miss Off Road Expo 2017 Was Concise But Nonetheless Super Fierce! / W&HM Staff - To contact, email

Miss Off Road Expo 2017 is an exciting title for many off-road type models.

In the past we have seen many great talents from all over the country competing for this great title. This year we are very happy to learn that our future model Bethany Greg is competing in this sought-after title.

When the compact competition started we were excited to see five models on the stage going through the individual routines as well as the Q&A. Our Bethany is number two contestant sponsored by GXS Motorsports marketing.

Each contestant has her own way of showing her personality. Some have been through various competitions before and it showed.  Some were just happy first time being on stage.

At the final judging, according to MC it's a very close competition and we can tell. From our vantage point is hard to decide as well so it's a very fierce competition.

In this case we totally believe that to be on the stage is a winner already. With the title or a sashay it does not matter. It's a great experience and we totally look forward to the next 2018 Miss Off Road bikini competition.

The MC and The Judge Panel

Contestant #1

Bethany Gragg, W&HM Feature Model, GXS Motorsports Model

Contestant #3

Contestant #4

Contestant #5