Allen Tire Company Models at 2017 Off Road Expo Pomona #offroadexpo

Gorgeous Angelica Lynne and Jace Marie Are Simply Heaven Sent, here at Allen Tire Company, 2017 Off Road Show Pomona / W&HM Staff - To contact, email

Allen Tire company has hired two amazing models!  How do we know? It's because they are our cover model and Future model Angelica Lynne and Jace Marie. The two beautiful blonde models look awesome with the uniforms of Allen Tire Company.

We have not seen Angelica for a very very long time and we totally miss her. So we totally use this opportunity to catch up with her as well as taking some awesome pictures of her. She is looking totally amazing. We sure hope that Alan Tire Company would hire these two awesome models again for their future shows.

Angelica Lynne, Our Cover Model, Allen Tire Company Model