Quick Highlight of DUB Show Anaheim 2017 #dubshow #dub

Cover Model Jessica Weaver in bright red dress for Forgiato Wheels
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It's a Fun DUB Show

This year's Anaheim DUB Show is held at the Angel Stadium as always.  However it's not the usual place where you can see the Angel Sign from all angles, but rather at the back parking lot, where is more concentrated and has a partial view of the big red Angel sign.

The DUB is always touted as the show of wild cars, and provocative models and baller vendors, plus highly popular concert performances.  This year is no exception, except its scale seems to be a back a bit compared to the previous years.  Nonetheless, it's a fun show and a great way to get a suntan in a lazy Saturday afternoon.
Monster Energy Girls at DUB Show

Cover Model Jessica IG Incident

At the show, we were very happy to see our cover model Jessica Weaver, who recently had an episode of her super popular Instagram account (3.8m last counted) being hacked.  That's a horrible thing to happen!  Jessica works hard, and treat her fans and friends super cordially, and has bright wisdom to share.

She said that she just got her account back so we are super elated to hear that!

Now we all learned from this incident.  Take care of security on your way up to your stardom.  There are haters and hackers lurking around just as bad as stalkers out there.  Take care of yourself and your assets!!
Feature Model Charise Jeanine

Feature Models at DUB Show

There were several models at the DUB show that we haven't seen for a long time, as well as we just took their photos at the EAF earlier last month, as well as we will work together really soon again!

They all look just awesome!!
Awesome model Bee Barajas
Alexx Juice with Forgiato Motorcycle

Cars, Wheels, and Clubs

Wheel companies are the mainstay of the DUB Show and there were several that brought their outrage designs and out of this world cars and motorcycles to show off their prided works and arts.

Many car clubs, especially low riders, showed up to support the show.  Nokturnal, Swift, Xplizit and more just occupied a huge amount of space and filled with loud designs and exciting paint works.  This is one show that is best show off their hard works and craft of the genius.
American Force Wheels

VIP Tech Motorcycle Wheels
There are more models and a lot more cars than we can cover.  However, we still managed to find the majority of models in the relatively short run of 6 hours of the show.  Definitely check them out here and the following days  to check out these awesome work of arts by nature or by hands!!

Jessica Weaver for Forgiato

Bella for JDM Sport

April Marie for Road Cruza

Very leggy model for VIP Tech Motorcycle Wheels

Jennie Duarte and Clarissa Mendez for Bow Down

Mr Clean Models and Awesome Strong young man!!

Clarissa Mendez

Jennie Duarte

Boulton Girls with Mr Clean