Big Love of Lovely Lilly Evans at @extremeautofest 2017 #eaf #extremeautofest @LillyEvans_

Lovely Lilly Evans at the Hey Baby Bikini Contest in Extreme Autofest 2017

The Sweet and Awesome and Leggy Lovely Lilly Evans showing off her leggy look at Extreme Autofest 2017 / W&HM Staff - To contact, email

We have known Lilly Evans for a long time and she is always so upbeat and sweet.  She has that sensuality undercurrent in her that flows through her beautiful eyes and elegant poses.

At the bikini contest, she is the  hardest working contestant and totally the winner hands down by our opinion!!!  Not only she demonstrated her fit and gorgeous physique, she also worked up the crowd and the judges like no one can.  We got our vote for her!!

Lilly Evans