The Rare but Awesome Sighting of Our Cover Model Brittani Paige @msbrittanipaige at #Spocom 2017 with Regen5 Wheels

The super popular cover model, Brittani Paige, has returned to SoCal for a great appearance at Spocom Super Show 2017, rooting for Regen5 Wheels company! / W&HM Staff - To contact, email

Ever since Brittani Paige has moved to the glitzy Vegas, her many + many fans in SoCal have been missing her dearly, including us.  Well, it's our luck, as well as yours that we found Brittani Paige in Spocom this year, with Regen5 Wheels company.

There were so many people wanted a glimpse and a selfie with this super popular model, we could only steal and prop some shots to bring Brittani back to you.

We sure hope that we will see her a lot more in the future!  Let's all keep our fingers crossed!

Brittani Paige