RIP Morning Star - We Deeply Miss You!

Morning Star model for Wheels and Heels Magazine by Py Pai in Black and White

We will miss you dearly Morning Star, our brightest and most energetic feature model!  You have left a deep hole in many people's hearts, as no one can really replace your magnetic personality and amazing talents! / W&HM Staff
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We were shocked by the news and sadly learned that Morning Star has passed away.  We lost words...

 Morning Star was a super star on our book.  Before we worked with her, she has been in many shows that we covered.  She always struck us as a hyper brilliant star that shone brightly at wherever she was.

We had a great opportunity to work with her for the magazine feature, and we had a one of a kind experience with her.  She is by far most passionate and energetic model that we have worked with.  Before the set, she would chat with you like you were a good friend of hers.

And for makeup, hair, wardrobe, she was down to the last detail and brought the best of her in every segment.  During the shoot, she would go above and beyond 150% that we always inspire models to be.  She not only delivered, and more she upped the shoot to a new level.  We had such a blast that we hoped that we could do a feature of her again!

We heard such a sad news that we really don't know how to express it.  We brought you her feature pages from the magazine so that you can learn more about her from her sweet Q&A with us, as well as some of the awesome works that she and Py produced...

RIP Morning Star... You are the brightest star in heaven!!

W&HM / Wheels and Heels Magazine Issue 27 - Feature Model Morning Star