Big Highlights of Super Show Spocom Anaheim 2017 by W&HM #spocom @spocom

Spocom Anaheim 2017 rocks!  The top tier car show has put together the most awesome car show in southern California this year!! / Py Pai
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Spocom Super Show Anaheim 2017 is a perfect car show, period!  Sitting inside the big Anaheim Convention Center, Spocom has the great combination and balance of

  • sophisticated and shiny cars in many import car categories, 
  • new faces and well known import models in the model lounge, 
  • many vendors with their cool display cars as well as their appealing models
  • fierce dancing competition full of talents and energies
  • worldly famous Miss Spocom contest in their best bikinis
  • concluded with big trophy honoring for the greatness in competition cars

It's a non-stop fun-topped show that you can bring your family and friends to have a great time Saturday evening.  Despite the Comic-con draw of many people down to the south of the county lines, Spocom show is full of people, vendors, models, and cars.

Cover Model Brittani Paige

Cover Model Nicole Marie Reckers

Spocom Model Lounge

Spocom Model Lounge is a highly sought after spot to be known to the import model world, as well as a chance for fans to have a selfie with their dream models.

This year, we are happy to see some familiar faces, but more so that we've discovered a whole crowd of models that we have not seen before, some are even the first car show that they attended.  

Since the spots are limited and highly in demand, models there were totally beautiful, friendly, and professional!  They brought their own games to the show and the media and fans just could not get enough.  Even past the end of the show, there were still heavy activities of camera clicking, smiling and posing going on.  The fun time seemed to end to early for many folks.
Charise Jeannine

Alyhed Morales

Miss Judy Mackin
Model Valentinova

Vendor Display Cars and Car Club Team Cars

Because Spocom Trophy is a highly renown mark of excellence, many outrageously modified, highly sophisticated and unexpected upgrades were in full display at the show for judges to give them their favors in hope for that saber metal trophy.

One trend we are seeing more and more is the Itasha cars that are covered with anime or manga characters.  They not only give a strong visual and color excitement, they also bring a key true Japanese culture to the import world.

Vendor Promotional Models 

This year's Spocom show has some of the strongest model showing at the vendor's booths.  We spotted many highly talented and eye-arresting models. They don't need to dress in the skimpy bikini (where there is nothing wrong with it either), and they just impressed the heck out of us.

Their natural modeling talents and their amicable friendliness, simply won over our hearts and pictures.  And we are sure that they have done the same to the fellow media folks and great amount of attendees.

We highly applaud the high model professionalism in many models at the vendor and club places.  We love this new trend, and we highly encourage all following that!
Kelysey Quayle

Lilly Evans

Marie Madore

Miss Spocom Anaheim 2017 Bikini Competition 

This high title of the car show bikini contest was done in a smooth and articulated way.  We still remember long time ago, it was an 1.5+ hours event that here we did it in less than an hour.  We love the effortless flow of the individual procession, as well as the final line up for the judges.  It's quick and it's super effective.

At the end, Jessica Sunok took the crowning title, and Tomika Lee and Clarissa Mendez as 2nd and 3rd respectively.  

Award Ceremony

Even though most of the show going crowd has dissipated, it's actually the most nail biting moment at the show.  The various category awarding process generated many joyful moments. The enthusiasm in the air and the celebration among the wins all made this show a perfect conclusion.  It's not just a trophy, it's an honor to be the best among the best, and the high recognition of work of perfection. 
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Tamiko Lee

Yhessa Gonzales

Angela Mazzanti

Kerry Rose

Jessica Sunok

Kaylie Finch

Ashley Summer

Byanka Lee

Clarissa Mendez

Chelsea Jeffers

Derly Celis

Rae Lindberg

Jasmyn Skye

Monica Lam

Carmen Kija

Brittany Murata

Samantha Totem