Big Highlights of #Autocon LA 2017 @Autoconevents

W&HM / Py Pai
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This year's Autocon LA event carried the great tradition of highly selective show case cars that satisfy both the hard core and casual car enthusiasts.  Inside the compact LA Convention Center, this year's venue is slightly smaller than the last year's at the same location but it seemed to be more crowded at the same time.
We were really happy to see our cover models, Sandra Wong at the show.  We don't see her a whole lot these days, due to her busy school schedules.  So this is a great opportunity to snap many more photos of her than usual to bring back great memories to make up the past time.
Our cover model Nicole Marie Reckers has been busy on the other hand, and here she is looking awesome for JDM of California.
We also have worked with the beautiful Bee Barajas at Al & Ed's Autosound, plus
Regina Francia
No matter how nosiy or how glittery it is across the show floor, Autocon's famous stage showcase is the heart of the whole show.  This is the spotlight of the whole show.  It showcases some of the best rides in the industry.

The organizer does not take it lightly just showing the car on the stage.  They interview the car owners or sponsors.  They put tons of light on the cars to show the best angels and lights of the car.  The sheer motor sound that moved the cars up and down the stage would be the calling of the crowd to gather and witness the greatness.

This year's Autocon models are pretty much new faces to us, except Melissa Paradise (middle) that we met at this year's CES show earlier.  Here is a group shot of the ladies, from left to right, Mei Lloyd, Melissa Paradise, and Christina Barras.
Melissa Paradise
Christina Barras
Even though promotional modeling is not the strongest suit for Autocon in the car show industry, we still have witnessed a great array of models at the show from various vendors.
Kallita Daniel for MST Wheels
Laura Diosa Giraldo for Vertini Wheels

Monica Lam for Braum Racing 
Adriana's Traffic School Model

Brittany Brickner and her friend at SMG Auto Brokers and Zito Wheels

Sayaka Vera
JDM of California Girls, Nicole Marie Reckers
and Fines Pena
Cars, modified, upgraded, totally rebult cars, are the main characters of the show.  They are the leading men and women.  They are the bread and butter of the excitements.

At the Autocon LA 2017 show, they don't repeat from the last year and showed the same cars from the same car clubs.  They are more diverse and new faces (car faces we mean) are on the show floor.  This makes the show even more interesting and refreshing.

We will continue our detailed coverage in the following posts. Definitely stay tuned!!  And be cool like the folks at the Treefrog Air Freshners.