Sultry JDM Sport Vixens at 2017 HIN Hot Import Nights San Diego @hotimportnights @jdmsport

JDM Sport Vixens always strikes big at the car shows that they attend.  This time at 2017 Hot Import Nights HIN San Diego, we were happy to see them again with familiar faces! / W&HM Staff * Please forward any requests or questions to

At the 2017 Hot Import Nights SD, one of the key stop is JDM Sport.  This great spot is always full of actions either with their personnel, or their products and merchandise, or their model appearances! We met up Jasmyn Skye, the key main person who made the JDM Sport Vixens all possible and thriving!  Definitely we look forward to more of their appearances in the future!

JDM Sport Vixens

Jasmyn Skye