Big Coverage of 20th Hot Import Nights #HIN, The Season Opener at The San Diego Show 2017 @HotImportNights

W&HM Cover Model Jessica Weaver at Hot Import Nights 2017

Star Studded Celebration of 20th Anniversary of Hot Import Nights Car Show Franchise.  Cover Models, Feature Models, Import Models and Cool Models Came Together at Del Mar Fairground, Sand Diego, with Hot Cars and Cool Drones and Vendors. / W&HM Staff
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20 years of Hot Import Nights is a long time, especially in the car show industry.  We don't know how it started, as it was way past our magazine's tender years.  However, for all the shows that we have attended, we have to say that many of them are very impressive and trend setting.

During the last ten years that we have covered, we have seen the show rise and transformed and changed and then came back again.  However, one thing that never changes is the hot combination of amazing models and awesome cars.
Nicole Marie Reckers
 This year, as the organizer said, is the 20th anniversary celebration.  Based on the recent San Diego shows that we have experienced, we were pleasantly surprised that this year is a good year, with named models and cool car clubs showing, together with great vendors and a new playground for drone competitions.
Hanna Ferraez
 First off the models at the show were a lot more than we anticipated.  That's a very good sign to begin with for sure!  We continuously discover more models that we featured and knew and now we know.  Starting off the super gorgeous cover models, Jessica Weaver, Nicole Marie Reckers, and Hanna Ferraez, plus totally amazing feature models Ty Aries, and Zoey Lee.
Ty Aries

Zoey Lee
 The cars are the big stars at the Hot Import Nights for sure.  There were many car clubs, who brought their flashy and shiny cars to compete for the top honors.  The modified, the import, the low riders, as well as the famous Coke bike and more were simply a feast to the sensory both visually and audibly to say the least.

At the Hot Import Nights model lounge, it's great to see several models that we have seen before as well as never been.

Maddy Belle

Catherine Lynn

Mhaye Monti

Jasmyn Skye

Sam Ferraez

Alexis Naiomi

Bee Bajaras

Ally Joy

 Cars in Hot Import Nights are always exciting to check out.  Their modification and their accessories are like a rich woman's collections, simply breathtaking!

 The entertainment as well as the bikini contest plus the drone competition were all the icing on a very good cake!