It's Always Sunny with Arley Elizabeth, Here at 2017 CES @arrrrlz

Our cover model Arley Elizabeth is always a great attraction at any shows that she attends.  She is simply the brightest star in shows and in person!

from W&HM / W&HM Staff
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At 2017 CES event, Arley Elizabeth was at the famous but hardly known company, CHIC.  The reason that they are famous is because they hold the patent of the original hoverboard.  But then they are relatively unknown to the US audience, unless you follow investigative reports on the famous and infamous hoverboard saga.

Then Arley came in and brought the brightest energy to the show. Even though tugged in the Westgage hall, an offshoot from the North Hall LVCC, Arley still managed to inform us and we are excited to find her and bring her high spirits back to you all!!