Great Highlight of Day One of Formula Drift 2016 Long Beach Season Opener! / Long Beach, CA / Py Pai

The highly anticipated Formula Drift 2016 season is finally here!  On everybody's mind is the weather condition.  In the past, Formula Drift Long Beach, season opener, has been blessed with plenty of sunshine.  In fact, sometimes it was too much so...

This year, the El Nino has expressed his temperament and his tears sure have given us much awaited rain and snow, but also the unexpected drizzles in this year's Formula Drift event.

Looking up, it's overcast grey sky, and then looking down, it's puddles of water, and in the middle, it could be flying drip-lets, sometimes even going horizontal, as Long Beach is a harbor right next to the Pacific Ocean.

We thought, this is just the first day.  What about the second day, the main event day?  Will it be raining cats and dogs or it will actually give us a pass and send us just some gentle breezes?  We will find out soon!
On the other hand, the wet and slick road condition did pose a huge challenge to all the drivers at the first day qualifying event.  There have been reported many crashes and bangs, that made the official to decide to call it quit and stopped the qualifying competitions.

Surveying the race cars in the pits, you can easily see many casualties from the poor road conditions.  These are top drivers in the circuit.  Still the highly competitiveness and uncooperative driving condition proved to be a bad marriage.

On the other hand, the promotional models still showed up in their full gears, not afraid of the dropping temperature, nor the humid air around them.  the ultra glamorous uniforms from the major tire companies as well as various vendors / companies, still demonstrate the great days of Formula Drift event.

 Through our quick run on the venue, we found great models left and right, even at this first day of the event.  Even better thing is many of our cover models were at the event, looking super awesome to say the least!

From the top, we have Nicole Marie Reckers and Arley Elizabeth for Achilles Tires up front.  It's always so great to see them.  They are the model BFFs in the modeling industry we can say!

Then right here we have our super talented and upcoming (very soon) cover model Jessica Harbour for Nexen Tires, together with the long time beauty Erica Nagashima, as well as the new face, Kay Vee.  the new Nexen uniform has a great color balance and great cut that can rival other famous uniforms!

And of course, our cover model Jessica Weaver showed up in her beautiful self.  It's so great to see her again, as it's been a long time since the last time we saw her.  Then L'Amour Niggl and her kid sister Amanda showed up wonderfully for McLeod.  It's always great to have a wonderful sister who can show the ropes in this new territory for her sister.
Then the stunning and forever iconic Hankook Girls were simply wow, in many different ways too!  Sarah Top, Lindsy Harrod, and Karol Priscilla all stood brave against the tough temperature, and still signing their autographed posters away despite the cold and humidity.
Many people have commented the Spearmint Rhino girls' awesome uniform. We could say that they were the most prepared group of models at the show.  The black leather like jacket and skinny pants simply accentuated their prowess and presence.  Anya Benton, Milla Silva and Lillie Suzanne and friend were totally stunning and impressed many show attendees, staffs on carts, or fellow models!

We will bring back huge report from the main event day of the Formula Dift 2016 season opener!  Definitely stay tuned and check it out tomorrow! 

JDM Sport + Spearmint Rhino Girls

Lillie Suzanne

 Anya Benton

 Milla Silva

 Nexen Tires Girls

 Jessica Harbour - W&HM Cover Model

 Erica Nagashima

 Kay Vee

 Erica is having fun, lots of fun!

 Karen Denise


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