Gorgeous Nexen Tire Models Jess Harbour, Erica Nagashima, and Kay Vee at Formula Drift 2016 Long Beach @JessHarbour @EricaNagashima

www.wheelsandheelsmag.com / Long Beach, CA

Nexen Tire has done an incredible job at the Formula Drift 2016 Long Beach, season opener.  They brought the ultra awesome, super gorgeous, and totally cover model Jess Harbour, together with forever beautiful Erica Nagashima, as well as refreshing new face Kay Vee to the event.

From the umbrella girls point of view, Nexen Tire models can totally rival the legendary Hankook team, by the number, by the star power, as well as by their confirms.  We totally tip our hats to the great job they have done!

Jess Harbour, Our Wheels and Heels Magazine Cover Model

 Erica Nagashima

 Kay Vee

 The Nexen Tire Models were ready to be in front of video cam

 We got the video view angle... 

 And when they all together, they had so much fun!

 Especially Erica... Haha.  Erica is one of the most fun models that we have ever covered!

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