Free-Spirited Friday! 2016 Tuner Evolution Spring Gathering Kuya Kreationz Model Zara Park / Chino, CA / W&HM Staff

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We've only covered Zara Park twice now, and we are already a fan of this awesome model who showed up in the scene just a couple of months ago!

Zara Park is a tall and happy-go-lucky model that has a very far great future ahead of her.  She is constantly smiling showing her beautiful smiles, as well as a warm personality that everybody loves to her their friends.

During the Tuner Evolution Spring Gathering car show, Zara Park stationed at the Kuya Kreationz but butterflied around various cars for photographers to capture her beauty and grace in multiple angles and styles.  All should pay attention to this awesome model.  She will be a great super star in the near future!!

Zara Park