Double Cover Models, Arley Elizabeth and Nicole Marie Reckers for Achilles at Formula Drift 2016 Long Beach @arrrrlz / W&HM Staff

Arley Elizabeth and Nicole Marie Reckers, our two cover models, were the two awesome dynamic duo models in Formula Drift 2016 Long Beach at the Achilles Tire pit area for two freezing and rainy days.

Something Nicole did really impressed us in a subtle way.  And any want-to-be-a-professional-model models should take notes from our observation here...

Nicole Marie Reckers, always a true dedicated top model at any car shows, withstood the cold and wet weather from Friday on.  On the second day, she had a running nose and definitely under the weather we can tell.

However, you could not tell that from all the photos that we took of her... We mean, we took pictures of her and Arley in multiple times.  Nicole never complained, nor showed any signs of fatigue or even unpleasantness.  She's all smily and sunny, even though she was probably suffering inside...

In the same circumstances, we are pretty sure that 30% of models would just bail, and said they are sick.  Another 30% would probably stayed inside and bundled up with jackets and blankets.  Then the rest may just come out but with a tired face or simply not to the task.

Nicole has none of those.  She's just as bright and happy as we have always seen her!  Nicole Marie Reckers is a total trooper!  And we can definitely say the same to Arley Elizabeth as well, as we have witnessed her professionalism in many + numerous + many many occasions!

But don't get us wrong.  We are not asking models to risk their health to die for the job or in lesser degree, suffer tremendously.  However, there is a fine line between appropriate self-sacrifice plus professionalism, vs perform-by-the-mood or easily give up on being a professional.  We think Nicole as very well demonstrated this point at the FDLB 2016!!  Bravo Bravo!!

Nicole Marie Reckers and Arley Elizabeth

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