Tuner Evolution Car Show's 2016 West Coast Landing a Big Success, With Ace Alloy Wheels! @tunerevo

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Tuner Evolution is a big deal.  However, it's an east coast thing and most west coast folks are marginally aware of it.

Back in 2013, we had a great coverage report from our contributing photographer Eduardo Suarez,
2013 Turner Evolution Philadelphia Summary Report: 

2013 Tuner Evolution Philadelphia Complete Coverage: 

Here, 2016, Tuner Evolution has made a great effort to come to the west coast, and partnered with Ace Alloy Wheels to have a smooth landing of the "Spring Gathering" car show at the Ace Alloy's headquarter in Chino, CA.

 Under the super bright sizzling hot sun, the car show has a strong traditional import tuner car show vibe, i.e. lots of cool car mods, lots of gorgeous import models, and lots of loud party music, and lots of people!

Honestly, we did not expect too much of yet another "Spring something" car show, as we  have gone through a couple of them already.  The initial build up was intriguing, and then the model roster just kept growing, including our cover model, Arley Elizabeth there.  Then we had to go to this event!

Our Cover Model Arley Elizabeth for
Continental Tire
At the event, you would be really impressed by how many models have shown up.  The sheer number of models would be an envy of many mid-size car shows.  The main contributing parties, including the master team, Tuner Evolution, as well as Kuya Kreationz, as well as JDM Sport girls and Spearmint Rhino girls.  If you came here for the models, you were at the right place for sure!

Then there were many super cool cars with awesome wheels, upgraded engine blocks, or totally pimped out interior or sleek exterior jobs.

Since the hosting location is in an industrial / business park, Saturday is a perfect day for the car show.  People were enjoying the music, photographers were busy with models, car enthusiasts were checking out what's going on with neighboring cars.

Overall, this is a wonderful show, and they have carried a great deal of the good old time tuner car show tradition.  We sure love to see more of Tuner Evolution car shows through out southern California and more!  For the wonderful car show here, our team's hats off to Tuner Evolution, Ace Alloy Wheels, and all the participating vendors, especially the ones with the promotional personnel!

Tuner Evolution Models 

Ela Pasion 

Kallita Daniel

Miss Krisana

Kuya Kreationz

Zara Park

Emkay Vee

Lilly Evnas

Rachel Loraine and Big Abe

Continental Tire

Arley Elizabeth

JDM Sport Girls

Bee Barajas 

Deanda Tania

Rozy Del Castillo

Darlene May

Lydia Moe


Spearmint Rhino Girls

Thamilla Silva

Limitless Society

Amy Ames

Tuner Evolution Car Show Cars