The Majestic 2016 Tuner Evolution Spring Gathering, Continental Tire Model Arley Elizabeth @arrrrlz / Chino, CA / W&HM Staff

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Arley Elizabeth is one of the most hard working models that we know.  The countless car shows that she appears over weekends are only a tip of the iceberg of how wide reach she has.  She works deeply in the fashion industry, as well as promotional works across the country.  Plus she would find time to play video games, show up on our magazines as multiple times cover model!

At the Tuner Evolution Show Spring Gathering, Arley represented Continental Tire, which is a huge sponsor of the car show industry from gigantic ones to the local ones.

This time, Arley came with her great friend Nicole Marie Reckers (not officially there... though) and the two were totally awesome to capture a few moments of.  We always look forward to seeing them in various events!

Arley Elizabeth for Continental Tire

Arley Elizabeth and Nicole Reckers