Tall Slender SEMA Model Sharla STi 2015 @sharlasti

Sharla STi Made a Perfect Entrance at SEMA 2015
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The first time we met Sharla STi was at the Subiefest 2013.  We were totally impressed.  This tall and slender and ethereal model is a great car lover.  By the name of STi, you would probably know that she is a Subaru owner and fan.  If you ever visit her FB page, then you would immediate be immersed in her love of her car and the driving.

At the SEMA 2015 show, Sharla can be seen in everywhere.  We were just at the right collision course of her path and found her and her friend at the Achilles booth.  We captured the opportunity and did a quick shoot to bring all her impressive brand ambassadorship as well as relaxed tourist moment at the show.  We sure hope to see her a lot more in this year's car shows!

Sharla STi

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