Sporty SEMA Models 2015 - KIA Models Lindsy and Lena Hakim

Sporty KIA Models Lindsy and Lena Hakim Showed Off KIA Cool Show Cars

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KIA is a relatively young brand of car makers.  This gives them a great deal of flexibility to be free, to have fun, and to address the alternative markets.  While others are busy in suits and handshakes, KIA brought their staple models Lindsy and Lena Hakim again to the SEMA 2015 show.  This time, they were dressed in their sporty and fun flannel and jeans.

Lindsy and Lena are always a great welcome to the SEMA, as well as Autoshow around the country.  Of course, their beautiful looks are amazing to appreciate, but their elegant persona as well as great knowledge of the KIA brand and cars, they are the perfect brand ambassadors for the KIA brand.

Each time catching up with Lena is like talking with a long time friend.  It's great to know that she has some wonderful projects and plans coming up in her future, as well as reconfirm the great and role-model personality and professionalism that have driven her to all her successes.

2015 SEMA at KIA was such a great experience, that we would never forget...

Lindsy for KIA

Lena Hakim 

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