Rocking Import Models, The Boulton Sisters - Alyssa Cherie and Alona Boulton at Import Face Off Fontana 2016 Car Show

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The Boulton Sisters have been  a popular import model duo in the car show industry in the Inland Empire region of California, which is about one hour drive out on the east of Los Angeles.

The young model duo first showed up in the Hot Import Nights Los Angeles last year.  They did so well that they left very good impressions on a lot of photographers at the show.

Here at the Import Face Off 2016 Fontana, they came in early and set up the banners and gears really well.  They have been so professional that they have gained great relationships with the media and fan communities.

Alyssa Cherie (above) and Alona Boulton (right) have very distinct styles of modeling, even though both are very similar in their physique type.

Alyssa has that serious and soulful looks in her and always carries a tint of shyness that makes her even more intriguing.  On the other hand, Alona has that bright and sunny style that would make any day a bright day, and anybody a more cheerful person.

We sure will see these two young ladies in future car shows and events.  Definitely stay tuned!

Alyssa Cherie Boulton, Model

Alona Boulton, Model

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