Quick Highlights of Import Face Off Fontana 2016 - Car Show And Models

Import Face Off Racing, Car Show and Models Showing Strong Despite Fontana Storm, Rain, Wind, And Cold

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Import Face Off is a huge franchise of import car racing and car show lifestyle event.  Across the states, there are more than 40+ events happening in 2016.  That means there is almost an event in every weekend.

With such a great community, there comes great support.  At the Fontana CA show over the weekend, we witnessed the great number of cars showing up.  The sheer volume of exotic import modified can rival most of other car shows in the Southern California region.  There were teams like Team Hybrid, as well as Nokturnal car clubs showing their presence and loves.

Came with the big car community, the great import model appearances.  Kuya Krationz brought their famous and fresh models, including Gabby Jeanne (who we are really sorry to miss at the show), Lilly Evans, as well as very new Queen Zara, and Arnee Mory, together with other vendor models from Mr Clean Promotions and JDM Sport.

Even though the web site was not very clear about the show schedule, which got us confused and showed up way early than needed to be, we still managed to captured many of the great models as well as awesome cars.  Here is the highlight of the show in the best of first half show hours, and more detailed show coverage of models and cars will be provided in the following days.  Definitely stay tuned for more great photos!

Import Face Off Fontana CA, Show Cars

Kuya Kreationz Model Lounge

Official Import Face Off Model - Queen Zara

Lilly Evans

Arnee Mory

KD Wong

Boulton Sisters and Friend


Jada Miryea

JDM Sport Model