Many More Models at the Import Face Off Car Show Fontana 2016 @LillyEvans_

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Because we arrived so early at the Import Face Off Fontana 2016 show, there were virtually nobody there.  The cold biting wind howling around the vast car parking lot like a bad western movie.

As the cloud pierced away by the relentless sun pounding, the whole scene came alive like the spring garden.  More cars showed up, rain went away, and then more models showed up.

Just when we were at the edgy of our tolerance of the weather after several hours battling the bright glaring sun on our faces, and tunneling cold into our sleeves and collars or anywhere that was not sealed in three layers.

Just as our hopes were dashing away like California high speed rail project, we saw some of the familiar faces!  We could not wait to get our cameras out soon enough before the strange weather destroyed us with a final blow...

Lilly Evans, Model and Actress

Rachel Loraine, Model

JDM Sport Model

KD Wong, Model, a Very Much Fun Model

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