Jennifer Angel Ancheta for WWLC at Mitsufest Fontana 2015 @worldwidelcancer

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Jennifer Angle Ancheta is an angel for sure!  All the time that we met her, she is always so bright and warm and super hospitable.  She treats everybody as her great friend and be very selfless to help people in need.

Case in point, when we were at the EAF San Diego event, our car died in the parking lot.  We just mentioned that to Jennifer and she immediately started a solution searching mission for us.  She was at the battery pack vendor booth, and connected us with different people to help us.  We deeply appreciate her efforts and kind and friendly heart.

She has appeared in many import car shows especially with the World Wide Lancer Club team.  So if you ever go to a southern California import car show and see Jennifer, definitely tip your hat, and take lots of awesome pictures of her and help spread the words.  She is indeed an angel in a car show!

Jennifer Angel Ancheta

Jennifer Angel Ancheta at HIN San Pedro 2015 

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