Gorgeous SEMA Models 2015 in Red, Many of Them!

Ladies in Red at Grey and Beige World of Machinery at The SEMA Super Show 2015

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Although we mentioned the standard uniform color in SEMA show is black, we still managed to find quite a few most eye-catching color, red, among the sea of beige and grey machinery.

For some reason, red stood out like no other colors.  The blood-pressure pumping hue auto-magically makes anyone in that color wardrobe stand out and look hot.  Of course, these promotional models are super gorgeous already.  Therefore, we don't know where to go after this...

At the top, we have Kim Bogle and Heidi Golznig at the Traxxas booth, signing their posters to the long line of fans and accidental fans.  We also have Amanda Bo and Elena Gribtcova at the show, as well as many unnamed but equally awesome models in red.

Now we have the chance to see more of these amazing models in the elegant or vibrant wardrobes at the SEMA 2015 show!


Kim Bogle and Heidi Golznig at the Traxxas

Amanda Bo

Elena Gribtcova for Dana Axles / Spicer Drivetrain 

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